Printer Compatible with windows 8.1

  renae 00:37 04 Apr 2018

I want to buy a new all in one cheap printer that's compatible with windows 8.1 64 bit.Can you recommend one please. I am on Acer laptop with Virgin cable.

  John Surgent 09:39 04 Apr 2018

You could use one of this click here but, of course, buying from a store near you... one question though, what for do you need it? Because it's very important what for do you need it...

  wiganken2 17:36 04 Apr 2018

I run Windows 8.1 OS and I find it an extremely compliant OS so maybe modern printers might be able to work on it. Do you have a friend who will be kind enough to lend you a (recent) printer to see if it will work with your Windows 8.1 OS? If so and it works you could then buy one like it knowing that you will be OK. It will cost you nothing to check it out. Incidentally if you do find a printer that works tell us all because you will not be the only person needing a new printer that will work with 8.1.

  wiganken2 19:00 04 Apr 2018

Here are two printers that show being Windows 8 compatible. click here and click here . They are both Epson but there are probably other printers that will be OK as well. Just check the "Specification" details before you buy.

  renae 20:14 05 Apr 2018

Thank you wiganken2 for your reply. I will check out the links you posted for printers.

  renae 20:17 05 Apr 2018

Thank you John Surgent for your reply. I only need an easy to use printer at home to print photos and letters and documents.

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