Print the way i want

  Keith Farman 11:09 02 Apr 2015

strong textWhen i receive a letter and I want to print it , when it printed it is in about size 24 yet the letter on my screen is small lettering is there any way i can control this please ?

  john bunyan 13:25 02 Apr 2015

You say "receive a letter". Do you mean a letter by post that you have scanned, or one that is a Word document as an attachment?

If scanned, what software did you use?

  wee eddie 13:33 02 Apr 2015

Could this be about email?

  john bunyan 14:12 02 Apr 2015

If e mail, what printer does the OP use. On mine there is an option , when printing an e mail, in "page setup" to define the font size, stile, etc.


Do come back with more details.

  Keith Farman 22:15 02 Apr 2015

I receive the email in say 12 but when i print it comes out big

  john bunyan 23:11 02 Apr 2015

What printer?

When you go to "Print" a box should appear. On mine there is a "page option" which, if pressed, brings up a menu for you to choose font, size, colour etc.

  lotvic 12:04 03 Apr 2015

Click on 'File' - 'Print Preview' - and alter as desired.

Page setup can be accessed on the Print preview page as well as going straight to it from 'File' - 'Page setup'

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