print screen key stopped working

  Bmay 00:15 05 May 2017

I used to press the print screen key and my whole screen was saved to one drive with an accompanying sound. This facility stopped working after an update and I would like it back.

  lotvic 00:52 05 May 2017

Had you re-programmed the key to make it do that?

Print Screen/SysRq key copies an image of the whole screen to the clipboard, this has to be pasted into a program such as Paint or whatever program you use for images, and then the image given a name and saved to file.

NB: Holding down Alt key and pressing Print Screen/SysRq key copies an image of just the Active Window to the clipboard.

  BT 08:11 05 May 2017


In Win10 it seems as Bmay says that the Print Screen key does indeed save the screen to your Onedrive folder from where you can then open it in the picture editor of your choice. It certainly does on my Win10 machine.

  BT 08:19 05 May 2017

Seems its a new setting

Save Prt Scr to Onedrive

  lotvic 12:19 05 May 2017

Thanks for that BT, I've not got the latest W10 update so mine's not doing that yet. Your link shows how to enable/disable the setting so Bmay (and me) should be able to follow the guide and enable his/her setting :)

  BT 18:13 05 May 2017

Its actually quite useful as your screengrabs are all saved in a folder for future use if required.

  SoHaib SaRaz 20:17 05 May 2017

Winkey + prtsc = screenshot OR Fnkey + Winkey + prtsc = screenshot

Give this a try bro :)

  lotvic 23:25 05 May 2017

SoHaib SaRaz Many thanks for that, something else I've learnt :) I don't use OneDrive so was wondering how else to quickly save a screenshot instead of having to open an image program and paste it in and then save it (as I have been doing).

I googled for more info on “Windows logo key + PrtScn.” clickhere

The screen will dim for a moment, and you will see the screenshot appear as a file in a folder entitled “Screenshots”, inside your default “Pictures” folder. The screenshot is automatically labeled with a number.

  Bmay 01:01 06 May 2017

Thank you for some options to explore. have resorted to using windows key plus print screen for now, seem to have lost my one drive icon so cannot access settings. original screenshots still accessible fortunately. Grrh

  lotvic 01:03 08 May 2017

seem to have lost my one drive icon

click on Start menu (4 squares 'flag' at bottom left of taskbar) > scroll down to the 'O' > grab the One Drive entry and drag it onto your desktop (this will create the shortcut icon on the desktop, the entry in 'O' will still be there as well)

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