Print option on my picture

  Daiol 16:52 25 Jul 2013

Hi,Using windows 7 home premium.Upon opening my picture folder and select a photo to print,But the option to print from the top toolbar has gone,If I open word documents the print option is there but not there in the picture folder.

prob is I can't select two images to be printed out on one A4 photo paper??

  john bunyan 18:47 25 Jul 2013

Are you using photo software? I use Phoptoshop, but a good freebie is`. For printing I use 300 dpi, You can create a blank A4 sheet at 300dpi (maybe save it as "blank") then open the two pictures you want,size them at , say, 7" x 5" at 300dpi. Then you select on one of them "all" then copy, then paste on the blank. Do the same for the second - it will be on a second layer, then move them to one is at the top and the other at the bottom. Then print.

  Daiol 09:06 26 Jul 2013

Yea I got photoshop ellements Will have a good look later.

Many Thanks.

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