Preventing OneDrive syncing automatically in W10

  Saruman 13:12 04 Apr 2017

As a subscriber to Office 365, I have access to 1 TB of OneDrive space. I thought it would be a good idea to use this as a backup for my files in addition to the external hard drive I use. However, having moved about 0.5TB to my OneDrive folder (a process which took several days!) I now realise that the prime purpose of OneDrive is to allow remote access by ‘syncing’ to several devices and not, as I was hoping, a backup service. Because OneDrive automatically synchronizes my local files with the ‘Cloud’, any mistake I inadvertently make will immediately will be replicated to the Cloud – not a good feature of a backup! Since I doubt I will ever need to access my files on a phone in Timbuktu, is there any way I can prevent OneDrive automatically synchronizing and instead manually sync, say once a week, once I’m sure all my local files are OK?

  conrail 21:14 05 Apr 2017

Hi Saruman, had same problem after reinstalling windows 10, what I did was uninstall onedrive and when I want to save programs photos to onedrive I open up and log into one drive, click here, from there I can just upload the files I want, onedrive had installed itself on my hard drive when I reset my laptop, hope this is of some help to you.

  Procrastinus 10:10 06 Apr 2017

If you want to get rid of One Drive altogether, here is what to do: click here

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