Powercfg.exe Ram memory usage freezes laptop

  Dercio Espinola 16:07 11 Apr 2019

Hi im having some trouble with powercfg.exe aftr i tried the recovering option from windoes to update without losing documents, becuase windows store was asking for that to make it work properly. things is not only it didnt and i had to reinstall most my stuff, theres this "bug?" where powercfg.exe triguers and start gobling up memory like in this link image shows(click here If left alone it raises to 1.5 to 2GB ram usage and create copy off process, coulnt snap at that moment computer starst freezing and slowing down. My laptop specs on this img click here, hope i can get some help because having to keeep wtach and terminate mannually is bothersome. Thanks for reading and hope a solution soon :)

  Dercio Espinola 16:11 11 Apr 2019

  Dercio Espinola 16:18 11 Apr 2019

click here link 1 if seems broken, its not .com but .co, srry new at this posting imgaes thing -.-

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:46 11 Apr 2019

I suggest you undo the recent update click here

  Dercio Espinola 17:39 11 Apr 2019

Followed every thing till control panel, but there doesnt show any update to remove... Although i saw that its asking to add 3 more updates marked important, dunno if i should instal them though.

  LV426 10:04 12 Apr 2019

Can you turn off hibernation in power settings, then then reboot then turn on again.

Google powercfg -h off (you type this in command prompt with admin priv)

This will turnoff hibernation and delete the reserved disk space it uses. If you don't use hibernation then leave off.

  Dercio Espinola 12:39 13 Apr 2019

I dont know what exactly worked, but after i checked fruitbat sugestion off unsinstalling the updates(even though there were none for me to) powercfg somehow hasnt shown up for a day in half so i hope its fixed. Thank You for your sugestions, hopefully my laptop wont get another problem soon, but if so ill ask here again :)

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