Potential storage problem throughout my whole PC.

  Felonraptor 22:19 10 Feb 2018

About 2 months ago I had a 10 year old 500gb Samsung hard drive just die, so I just used my 1tb Seagate for a while (11 years old too) and then that died, so I have been using my 128gb USB flash drive for a couple of games until I get another drive, but now my USB drive has become completely write protected and no software will fix it and I've done all possible fixes that exist, most people say it's dead, so why within 2 months have 3 different storage devices gone wrong? I'm worried getting a new hard drive will cause it to also to wrong :/

  Felonraptor 22:22 11 Feb 2018

No I didn't use a hot swap caddy, but I put the correct settings I spent ages asking around making sure it was fine, my hard drive was a server hard drive so it was designed to be hot swapped, my motherboard had an option to select hot swap for each drive, I also used ahci mode and the hotswapping didn't cause any problem so please don't try and say that broke the drives -.- the drives had all issues before I'd ever tried to hot swap before

  Menzie 22:23 11 Feb 2018

Yep the Corsair is a good quality power supply. I have their GS series (also 600W) and it's handled my system perfectly for the past 6 years.

Hopefully the issue is with the age of the drives rather than any issue with the ports for connection.

I haven't had any USB drives go but on my old PC quite a few USB peripherals (game pads) stopped working.

The USB drives becoming read only is an odd one.

  Felonraptor 22:29 11 Feb 2018

Menzie, actually you just reminded me, now I think about it, my 1tb drive temporarily became write protected too! Literally days before it broke for good, now that makes me even more concerned :/ the 500gb never got write protected, but the 1tb did and I managed to remove it for a couple of days before it broke.. the USB though I've done all things I know of, I don't registry edits, I did the command prompt fix, I have used software to try and format the drive, I'm 100% sure the USB has no switch in it, the USB drive became write protected only recently, it's just so annoying because I have loads of games I wanna get on my PC when I get the 4TB drive but if it goes wrong I'm screwed -.- what I might just do, is completely wipe my PC and re install Windows fresh on my ssd and hopefully that will clean any issues causing this

  Menzie 23:19 11 Feb 2018

Have you done a good scan with Malwarebytes? Sometimes malware can cause this, if that is the case a good wipe would be best if you already have backups of your important files.

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