Potential storage problem throughout my whole PC.

  Felonraptor 22:19 10 Feb 2018

About 2 months ago I had a 10 year old 500gb Samsung hard drive just die, so I just used my 1tb Seagate for a while (11 years old too) and then that died, so I have been using my 128gb USB flash drive for a couple of games until I get another drive, but now my USB drive has become completely write protected and no software will fix it and I've done all possible fixes that exist, most people say it's dead, so why within 2 months have 3 different storage devices gone wrong? I'm worried getting a new hard drive will cause it to also to wrong :/

  wiganken2 10:00 11 Feb 2018

So two external hard drives and a USB memory stick have all been connected to the same USB port on the same laptop/computer? Have you tried plugging the devices into a different USB port to see if the port itself is faulty? If it isn't faulty then maybe there is a virus on your computer causing the problem? Have you tried plugging the devices into another computer? I can understand 10 and 11 year old devices failing but not a USB memory stick becoming write protected all by itself hence my virus thoughts. Do you have antivirus installed? If so then run a scan.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:13 11 Feb 2018

Write Protected?

  1. go into command prompt or powershell
  2. then type "diskpart"
  3. type "list volume"
  4. then "select volume xxx" (where xxx is the write protected problem drive)
  5. then type "attributes volume clear readonly"

  6. type "exit" to come out of command prompt.

  7. Then try to write to the drive.
  wee eddie 16:13 11 Feb 2018

Old drives, particularly those that have been sitting idle for some time, are prime candidates for failure.

I'll let others address the USB

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:22 11 Feb 2018

wee eddie

still use some drives that are now 30 yrs old because the machines they are on won't except larger drives ;0)

  wee eddie 19:17 11 Feb 2018

Aye, but 5 years in the loft can be a killer

  Felonraptor 19:22 11 Feb 2018

Nope, both the hard drives are internal, the 1tb Seagate had 45000 hours on time, but the usb was connected to the rear of the PC in a usb 3.0 port, and 1tb HDD was connected to the 6gbps sata port and the 500gb to the 3gbps sata port, it seems weird but I'm not even worried that they've died as longs as it just coincidental and not gonna screw my new drive :/ because if I get a new drive and fill it and then it died too that's gonna be so bad, my friend said it could be my PSU because he has that a few years ago, but then again my psu is only 18 months old and I run it under it's max potential, I'm just not sure, maybe the USB was just unlucky and it was due to die and maybe the hard drives had reached their life too -.-

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:05 11 Feb 2018

When you say the drives died what exactly do you mean?

won't spin up? can't see in explorer, cant see in disk management? showing as RAW?

  Menzie 20:59 11 Feb 2018

I'd like to hear more about the power supply that is running under it's max potential.

What wattage is it and what is the brand? Is the computer connected to a good surge protector?

  Felonraptor 22:08 11 Feb 2018

I find it hard to word correctly, but I don't mean I'm running the PSU at Max, I'm running it way below what its max power, it's a Corsair 600w PSU, also the drives that died, the 500gb freezes at the bios screen if I boot with it, or if I hotplug it in windows just doesn't even know it's plugged in, it does spin up though, as for the 1tb, I can hotswap it in and windows recognise it, but it doesn't show as a normal drive, it looks like a formatted drive, there's no drive capacity and I can't access it, another thing I noticed was it's constantly saying 100% usage, I viewed in task manager and for about 10 mins the drive is saying read and write about 250kbps, then after 10mins it goes to 0kbps Read and write and just stays at 100%, this happened after windows tried scanning for errors and it froze half way through and restarted, I checked errors on the drive and it says reallocated sectors, I spent hours on both drives and I couldn't do much, also my PC draws roughly 380w power give or take 20w depending on the application

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:16 11 Feb 2018

I assume when you are hot swapping its via USB caddy?

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