Possible to save Vista from BSOD?

  winkyG 05:14 23 Dec 2008

Hi all,

Recently I run vy laptop and everything I could see was Blue Screen Of Death.... Not a pleasant view when you need much work to do. All I could do is to reinstal the entire system... It took 5 hours!
What am I asking is if there is a solution on how to prevent Vista from showing BSOD?
If there are some that could be much time saving for me and for those who had the same issue.

Any ideas?

  kathSmith 05:16 23 Dec 2008

Hi winkyG.
I had the same problem. I use System Optimizer suite from Digeus - click here
If use it on a regular basis it could be very helpful.

  chub_tor 18:17 23 Dec 2008

Why don't you buy Acronis True Image and an external hard drive and back up regularly? Then if you have any fault that caused the BSOD you can just restore the whole system including all your data and upadates. Lot quicker than 5 hours.

  tullie 18:55 23 Dec 2008

The bsod appears for a good reason,your reinstall certainly shouldent have taken that long,unless you mean the windows install then all your software etc,still seems an age.

  FatboySlim71 23:28 23 Dec 2008

I totally agree with chub_tor.

Believe me it will be a sound investment buying Acronis True Image and an external hard drive. This way if your system goes wrong you can simply restore your computer to its fully working state, at the point the backup was taken.

I have Vista and I have occasionally had a BSOD, the BSOD is not unique to Vista, I used to occasionally get BSOD on XP too.

But none of the BSOD I have had have needed me to re-install my entire system.

  skidzy 07:32 24 Dec 2008

What you really need to do is find out the cause of the BSOD ?

It happens for a reason !

Sound advice above regarding ATI and an external harddrive,this should be something to seriously consider when you have so much work to do.

Everything fails at some point no matter what it is.

Regarding the BSOD,first steps should have been system restore from safemode if possible,failing that a Vista Startup Repair again if possible.

A simple updated driver could have been the cause or even a software update.
On the more serious side,if this is consistent it maybe hardware related.

We can help here if you experience this again and have access to another computer with internet.

There are so many things that could have been tried to rule out the cause and in effect stop you from a complete reinstall.

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