Poor gaming performance on 250GB SSD

  Evaldas Zabitis 09:50 21 Mar 2018

Hello everyone, I few weeks ago I put an additional SSD storage on my MSI GP60 2PE, and installed Windows 10 on it. The new storage is Samsung EVO 850 250GB SSD.

I have noticed that gaming performance is very, very poor - the game is struggling to achieve a decent fps even on old games.

Yes, SSD is set to AHCI mode in BIOS.

What could be the case? I can't find a good solution anywhere.

  rdave13 10:10 21 Mar 2018

Download Samsung Magician to check your drive.

  Evaldas Zabitis 10:26 21 Mar 2018

Hi rdave13 and thanks for your response.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. I have checked my SSD through Samsung Magician and no faults were found, the firmware is also the latest.

Any other thoughts?

  rdave13 10:38 21 Mar 2018

Enough free space on the drive? and worth checking alignment. click here.

  Evaldas Zabitis 11:10 21 Mar 2018

I checked alignment, there were no errors and everything seems ok. There are plenty of space on SSD also

  rdave13 11:21 21 Mar 2018

Running out of ideas here. As it's the C: drive it should be connected to the first SATA 3 port on the motherboard. Did you clone the drive or did you clean install win 10? Can't think of anything else to check at the moment.

  Evaldas Zabitis 14:02 21 Mar 2018

I bought the SSD, put it in the slot, which was available for an additional SSD storage, disconnected HDD, installed windows on SSD and only then I connected HDD back.

I don't have any more ideas either, I just don't understand why the performance of gaming dropped down so much after adding that SSD.

  Evaldas Zabitis 19:25 22 Mar 2018

Anybody has any other ideas, or should I take my SSD back to seller?

  wee eddie 21:45 22 Mar 2018

Why do I think that an SSD should improve Gaming Performance.

Surely Gaming Performance is all about your Graphics Card. The performance of the storage medium is hardly a factor

  Evaldas Zabitis 17:17 23 Mar 2018

The point is that I didn't expect the gaming performance to be improved. But it got much worse instead. That is the problem.

  wee eddie 18:00 23 Mar 2018

Your PC. What was its original OS and what is its MOBO?

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