Please tell me if im right!!

  Jwbjnwolf 16:42 21 Oct 2010

Back in Easter this year I decided to give windows 7 a try because I had had enough with my pre-installed vista home premium so I went out with my mum to buy a windows 7 professional and spent 2 hours of my Easter time when not in school installing win 7
(take note that I completely wiped vista off my hdd)
and when I was happily using win 7 until one day I turned on the computer and it wouldn't boot, so I done the start up repair from the win 7 disk and I don't know exactly what happened because I was in the bath because I knew would take a while and when I came back in I saw that it had finished and rebooted but guess what it had booted up in?
answer:windows vista ultimate and three things that were spooky about it was,
1-the user name was the model number of my laptop, and it was also written one the windows vista default wallpaper,
2-because It automatically picked up my web-cam it also installed the acer crystal eye web-cam software from no idea where,
3-when I went into acer crystal eye software, there was a picture of a Chinese women.
These three things make it seem as so this was a computer manufacturer.
(please note that at that time I did not have Internet so it was not a virus)
I am not bothered about it now because we got an exchange for a Dsi XL and I have switched my ways to Linux which I adore,
But what I want to know is that is it right on all win 7 that Microsoft used vista for the heart and soul of win 7 and win 7 as we see it as the skin, instead of delaying the shipping of win 7 to correct their boogie they made?
It does not even say anything what so ever about the use of vista one the packaging or even in the License which they should do don't you think?

  Pine Man 16:46 21 Oct 2010

I suspect the answer is NO you are wrong.

I would suspect that you didn't properly clean your drive and merely updated from Vista to Windows 7 and now, for some unknown reason, you have managed to re-install Vista from the files that were saved by Windows 7 when you, inadvertently, upgraded.


  Jwbjnwolf 17:03 21 Oct 2010

How come that it was ultimate then if you suggest that as my pre-installed vista was home premium and it was not an upgrade, I chose the Full install option,
Just because I am 15 yrs old doesn't mean that I can be out smarted. The Full install gives you options to completely format the hdd and I made sure my laptop number two-ed it down the toilet by also formatting both hdds and deleting one of them so it is just one hdd.
The reason why I done it this way rather than one short simple upgrade was because it was incompatible.

  a member 19:07 21 Oct 2010

in answer to your question ,the core of vista was the starting point for windows 7 beta ,but rest assured the genuine windows 7 is quite different under the hood and has very few files common with vista .your problem was unrelated ,and you can argue until the cows come home about possible reasons ,but its a fact that Vista Ultimate must have been installed on your PC at some point in its life . maybe the manufacturer put it on by mistake and then wiped it ,most manufacturers create a hidden partition (sometimes a hidden folder) containing the backup of the OS , maybe this was the case with yours. When you did a repair it automatically gives options for various repair options including triggering a repair (restore from backup).
and by the way ,a complete format (of the type performed during install) does not completely wipe a drive ,I have often recovered files intact from such (formats) for friends .
and finally Vista and windows are complete OSs and as such carry drivers for many hundreds of different hardwares including modems webcams etc. so its no surprise that it dug out the drivers for yours .

  Forum Editor 22:41 21 Oct 2010

you should take note of what Pine Man and merlinx have said. There can only be one explanation about Vista Ultimate appearing, it means that at some point your computer had that version installed.

  Jwbjnwolf 22:41 21 Oct 2010

So I guess what you mean is that what ever disk wiping software I use it will show every scratch of my hdd except the hidden one?
And that if for example it was originally xp the same would of happened.
So like we have heard, that is probably been the reason why loads have tried getting rid of vista and tried downgrading, using software specificly for wiping clean the hdd and even ones that have tried changing the hdd for another with xp already on and even had the ram replaced and they boot up and looking forward to use xp they see vista has come back to haunt them.
I guess that what some of these manufactures have done is put a separate mini hdd in that cannot be found under the hood of the laptop and cannot be found by the user.
And I guess that what you have said explains everything why that how ever I detect my hdd, it only comes up with 111gigs when it says 120gigs on the label on my laptop?

  a member 08:40 22 Oct 2010

there are disk cleaning softwares out there that completely clean a disc (there is even a free one called diskwipe),but they are slow because the process includes rewriting the discs with random 0s and 1s several times to destroy any traces of what was there before ,however, as I pointed out it is very common for makers (dell,hp,Acer etc.) to create a copy of any original software as a backup and put it on a hidden drive ,that does not mean a small seecret drive hidden on your pc ,it simply means a partition on your hdd that is hidden so it cannot be deleted ,the idea being that if everything goes pear shaped you can during boot up start a recovery (restore) process ,that will completely restore the original software ,and that is why it also found your webcam ,the chinese lady (picture) is probably a sample image .
hdd sizes are wierd and have been for several years ,as we know a gb is 1024 mb ,but some disc manufacturers often just count in 1000mb segments and the result being in effect the metric gb lol.
there are other reasons ,including mainboard configuration that can throw off the capacity reading .
in your case it could also be a hidden partition.
you wont be very welcomed coming to a windows 7 forum and advising everyone to switch to linux, windows 7 is in my oppinion ,by far the best OS microsoft have ever created ,there are still aspects of it that require some fixing ,and there are some things I would like to change ,but that would be my personal choice .
I have used linux several times ,and been using windows since windows 95,including 98 ME XP Vista ,and now 7 ,I have biult over 80 PCs since 2003 ,mostly for friends or family ,as a hobby .
and Windows 7 has impressed the hell out of me .
if users took the time to understand their Operating systems and how to navigate ,there would not be half as many complaints ,about OSs.
do a search on google for how to remove hidden partition ,and you will see various methods ,they can vary depending on what make of PC.
good luck.

  Jwbjnwolf 16:28 22 Oct 2010

Thank you very much about the info,
and I promise on scouts honer (as I used to go to scouts) that I will not mention about Linux again unless I really need to for any help-but I will make sure I ask in the right place.
Sorry, I really am, I never realised that I was doing it in such a way that it could be insulting.
And sorry to all readers. I'm glad to come and think about it that yesterday that my computer overheated when was over on the games forum where it asks what games you like because when I was writing a reply saying about the games that I love and that most of them were about Linux, I started doing the same, and when I got back on I saw what you said so I thought better not. I really am sorry forum users.

  a member 17:10 22 Oct 2010

not a problem ,everyone are welcome on forums like this , but the idea behind this particular type of forum is that when someone has a problem understanding something about their pc ,or a fault ,or to talk about program compatibility ,then thats great ,most of us have been stumped at sometime or other and its nice to be able to go online to where there are others with the same ,OS ,who are happy to help . in general any one should be welcome to add to any thread ,but their reply should be related to the original question . there would be no use someone trying to sell a camera ,or talk about football on a forum set up for windows 7 problems or questions. that is regarded as (off topic) and often the forum editor can (and will)delete the reply . if you get a problem with windows 7 we here at this forum will be only to happy to help you get it sorted ,thats what this and other like forums are about , talking about other OSs ,or (football or cameras) should be avoided at all times .
its not that any of us hate linux ,quite a few of us have tried it ,and some even still have it ,but we should allways stick to the topic.

  Jwbjnwolf 17:00 24 Oct 2010

understand what you mean

  Jwbjnwolf 17:55 24 Oct 2010

and also what I meant to ask was because I feel bad about the context that I've used in some of those posts, is there any way that I can ask for the forum editor to remove them, mostly so that any new visitors to that page do not get annoyed by my silly posts that I have done and get more angry posts about what may be by then months old?

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