Please help me please "Bad setcor's are going to kill me :( "

  mahmood fathy 21:38 14 Jan 2015

hi my pc is falling apart my specy : processor: amd athlon 4405b dual core 2.30 ghz ram:2gb ddr3 hdd :wd 320 gb my pc was more fast and relaible than that now my pc is slower when i want to know why i detect that there are bad sector's im my hdd . But that is'nt the prroblem the problem is that i cant'even deal with the area of these bad's can''t defrage or fixing them or even scan them i just know that when i check it 4 first time that after the 67 giga the bad's begain and the scan speed getting lower actually more lower and the scan never goes on except t scan 1 mb by about min ute so that i work on the 67 giga only i setup about 80 windows simillar or cracked or differnt i tied approximitely evey thing but useless :( i thougt about changing my hdd but i think i will fix it I'm busy that problem it even make me busy about my exams :( Please help me to fix that i will appriciate that toooooooooo much sorry 4 my week english iam egyptian i hope that u help my fixing that

  BRYNIT 22:29 14 Jan 2015

Your computer is slow because your hard drive is failing due to Bad sectors and you do not have enough space for your OS to work correctly, eventually your hard drive will completely fail any you will not be able to use your computer.

Replace your hard drive and if you have not already done so and before it's too late backup all your files to an external drive.

  mahmood fathy 22:52 14 Jan 2015

but my hard when i bought it it was new i mean it is about only 2 or 3 years or less than that i just wannna to fix it not to but a new one

  mole1944 05:29 15 Jan 2015

A hard drive is like any other product,some will last forever or so it seems,others soon die that's the way of product unfortunately.A good tip is do as i do is to clone your new hard drive to another drive on a monthly basis then at least you're fairly bomb proof. I clone my drive to alternate spare drives and intermediately backup using a clickfree dongle to two drives i have 74,300 music track (All legal) so losing these would cost a king's ransom to replace.I once lost dats on my 64k spectrum it has never happened again.

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