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Please help! Logon issue..................

  Paula Caffyn 22:05 01 Sep 2018


I haven’t turned on my laptop for quite some time and I just get the logon screen showing my login name and asking for password. Says Password hint: reset Reset password

If I click reset password it comes up with a box saying This feature requires removable media such as USB flash drive. Please connect a USB flash drive then try again.


  Jollyjohn 09:02 02 Sep 2018

Go here click here and download chntpw - burn to cd or usb stick and boot from it. It is a command line utility but easy enough to use. You can probably accept the default options. It will clear the password and allow you to log in. If it doesnt work first time, try choosing the other windows location, if listed, and if your laptop is running W10, I found I had to reboot twice before the password was cleared.

  Paula Caffyn 10:11 02 Sep 2018

Thank you, I’ll have a go

  AroundAgain 19:14 02 Sep 2018

So much for the security of having a password on one's device!!! Is it really that easy to get into a device without the password?

Why do we bother setting a password, then?

  mark.williams 09:30 03 Sep 2018

hi, solution of problem Press Image+I to display the Settings charm menu. Click the Power Options icon, then hold down the Shift Key while you click the Restart option. Keep holding shift until the screen says it is restarting. On the first screen that appears, select Troubleshoot, then select Advanced Options. Finally pick Startup Settings and click the Restart Button. On the next screen, press the Number 4 Key to choose Safe Mode. Now that you are in safe mode, you can use the built-in backup Administrator account to perform you necessary recovery. The built in Administrator account should not be used for any other purpose, or it won't be available in situations like this when you need it.

At the login screen, click the Arrow Icon and select the Administrator account. After Safe Mode starts, press Image+W and open Control Panel / User Accounts. Select Manage another account and select the account you wish to change to an Administrator account. You can also use the Change Password option here to reset the other account's password. When you're done, restart the computer normally.

  AroundAgain 11:53 03 Sep 2018


I appreciate what you're saying. Many thanks

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