Please help. Installing drivers makes pc not boot.

  Rolandem 14:18 31 May 2017

I overclocked my evga gtx 770 4gb classified gpu to 110% and its temperature went up to 95°c for a few seconds (I had actualy used it like this in gaming before) and then the computer froze or crashed (dont remember) and then after restarting the pc it shows no signal and restarts after the windows 7 starting logo.

Uninstall the gpu drivers in safe mode lets me turn on the pc on properly.

However installing any nvidia drivers or the drivers that windows installs automaticaly my pc has the same problen as before not booting up.

Please help I really do not want to loose my gpu as i dont have much money right now and I was developing a game on this pc.

  Archonar 14:48 31 May 2017

My first instinct is that the gpu is somehow damaged and that without the driver the pc is instead using the integrated gpu on your cpu, that is if you have an integrated gpu. As I said it's only an instinct and someone would need to confirm that that is what happens without a gpu driver installed.

Could you let us know what the system specs are and where the display cable(s) are plugged in? Also, uninstall the driver and then download a program called speccy and see if the computer is recognising the gpu at all.

  Rolandem 15:04 31 May 2017

I am using vga that is connected to the gpu and my cpu is a amd fx 8120 and motherboard doesnt even have anywhere to plug in any monitor so it must be recognizeing and using the gpu.

  Rolandem 15:06 31 May 2017

Speccy says on safe mode for gpu "Cannot initialise SPC dll"

  Rolandem 15:27 31 May 2017

Also on safe mode and normal mode without any drivers everything black and gray has a blue or yellow rectangle pattern click here on normal mode this is what speccy displays :/ click here


  Rolandem 15:31 31 May 2017

Sorry i dont know how to edit the comments, the and was pu there by accident. If anyone has any solutions or even an explination what happened to my gpu please help.

  Archonar 15:53 31 May 2017

This sounds a lot like your problem: click here.

They recommend replacing the PSU but I doubt that is the issue (what psu do you have?), the final solution is replacing the gpu but let's not go there quite yet. Do you know anyone with a gpu that you could borrow to see if that solves the issue? If you could install another then we could rule out for good the issue being the gpu.

  Archonar 15:54 31 May 2017

I've just read through your initial post again - does the computer actually fail to boot or does the display just not show anything? You seem to imply that it gets stuck in a boot loop after the windows 7 logo?

  Rolandem 16:07 31 May 2017

When i try to boot normaly the windows 7 logo shows up with text Starting windows and after a minute or 2 the monitor disllays text saying that it has no signal and then a few minutes later it restarts. However sometimes instead of losing signal it shows black screen and does not reatart by itself even after a hour. I will test the computer with anlther gpu and see if anything changes. Also another interesting thing to note when i shut down the computer some case fans stay on with the leds on at 50% or so.

  Rolandem 16:23 31 May 2017

The computer boots fine with the old gpu. :/

  Archonar 16:43 31 May 2017

Have you installed the drivers for the old gpu? I hate to say it but that would indicate that it is a problem with your gpu.

I'm not sure if it could be some kind of driver conflict so I will look into that now just in case the gpu is okay and it is another issue.

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