Please help I have installed a new Software program(Serif DPX5)

  ScattyMuse 20:45 16 Feb 2013

but I cannot find my cursor!

  ScattyMuse 20:50 16 Feb 2013

Forgot to say this is a Brand New Toshiba laptop so is the first program I have installed. it is the only reason I bought the Laptop as my old one was too slow(bought in circa 2002-3) usually run my Mac which is where I am now as I can't bliddy find the cursor so I can't even minimise the program!

  ScattyMuse 22:45 16 Feb 2013

I pressed the windows key, it took me back to the start pages, sorry very unfamiliar with this, I have only used XP before.

Serif opened, then I pressed the window key again and it took up only half the screen, then some voice software started there was no exit /close down key but the voice said it would shut down the computer in 2 hours so I am leaving it to do that as it installed an update to some software( Possibly the Serif one as I did download patches to that) I should have restarted on install but forgot.

Will see what happens tomorrow, Hoping I don;t have to do a sys restore this early on getting the laptop. only had it 2 weeks.

thanks Scatty!

  rdave13 00:08 17 Feb 2013

It's not a touch-screen laptop by any chance?

The two hour warning is for Windows updates usually.

  ScattyMuse 09:22 17 Feb 2013

no, not touch screen as far as I can tell, it was just a £300.00 laptop> Toshiba Satellite L850D, after the restart I found the cursor on the first page but when opening the Serif program it has disappeared again. then I used the window key to go back to the menu page? managed to open Settings but still no cursor showing. I says V1.00.0002.32002!

Now not even the arrow keys seem to work! :-(

I pressed CTRL ALT DEL and task manager came up, two choices Browser(I downloaded Firefox as my browser of choice< and Toshiba System settings, I can only use the arrow keys to swap between these 2 NOTHING else, cannot even choose 'end task' or 'more details'

OK pressed the window key WHICH worked and took me back to the menu page! If I had known how difficult this would have been I would not have bought a WIN8 machine BUT there were no others available. at least in my fairly limited search online or in store,Having now purchased the DPX5 software especially I cannot seem to use anything! I need to get some work out for Tuesday so looks like I will have to go back to my old lappie and do it on there. Thankfully I have not yet wiped it before passing to my grandson for him to use at work.

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