Placing Windows defender in the hidden icons

  bturner 20:54 16 Feb 2013

On my laptop with Windows 7 I have Microsoft security essentials running and an icon is in the hidden icons box on the bar at the bottom of the screen.

My Mother just bought a laptop and has Windows Defender running in Windows 8 and would like it to be in the hidden icons box, how do I get it in there please?

  rdave13 00:14 17 Feb 2013

Not sure it will allow it. The icon needs to be there to show when necessary to run a scan. Worth a try though.

  rdave13 08:12 17 Feb 2013

Should work then. I suppose it will then only show when a scan is needed.

  bturner 19:08 17 Feb 2013

rdave, you are right, the icon needs to be there in order to customise.

Today I downloaded Superantispyware and the SAS icon automatically placed itself in the hidden icons section on the bottom tool bar.

I do have Defender running but there is no icon in the hidden icons section. It would be nice to know if it's running fine or not.

If I want to check microsoft security essentials is running on Windows 7 I click the small triangle which lets me see all the icons and I hover the cursor over the MSE icon and it lets me know "PC status: Protected".

  Zeppelyn 01:41 18 Feb 2013

There's a little app written that will do this for you, its called Windows Defender Status Manager. I've installed it and it works ok although for some strange reason if you hover over the icon in the notification area there's a little red x on the icon but it all works just fine.

  bturner 18:03 20 Feb 2013


So in your opinion it is perfectly safe to download this app and install it? I have to ask as it is my Mothers laptop.

  bturner 08:22 21 Feb 2013

Also when I go to your link and click the blue link on that page I HTTP 404 not found.

Is that link working for anyone else?

  bturner 09:04 22 Feb 2013

How odd, I still get the same error message when trying to open that link.

From using my mothers laptop last weekend it appears W8 does not come with MSE, it comes with Defender, Defender is running but there is no icon showing that it is running like it does on my PC and Laptop with W7.

I just read your last 2 posts on the next page, thanks.

Yes, on W7 I run MSE for real time protection and Defender will not work, now I understand why. But I run SAS and Malwarebytes once a week.

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