Picture and sound badly out of sync

  johnefb 15:45 16 Jan 2017

I have just bought a Lenovo ideapad 100s. When I try to watch tv online the sound and picture can get badly (ie a number of seconds) out of sync. This does not happen with my ipad on the same network. We have fibreoptic internet providing approx. 40mb of download speed. Are there any changes to settings that I should be making ?

  Archonar 15:57 16 Jan 2017

Could you give a couple more details? Namely: What streaming service are you using and what browser are you trying to run it on?

  johnefb 16:00 16 Jan 2017

I am using a VPN service from Streamvia and using Internet Explorer

  Archonar 16:20 16 Jan 2017

Sorry forgot one, what website are you trying to watch the videos on?

  johnefb 18:56 16 Jan 2017

Your query about which browser I was using prompted me to download and use Firefox. Problem solved ! No sync problem. Unbelievable difference. Many thanks for your help

  Archonar 18:58 16 Jan 2017

Glad I could help!

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