photosmart c5280 printer & Windows 7

  g8aqp 16:40 12 Sep 2009

I recentlty upgraded to Windows 7 RC from Vista Home Premium all my programs worked well & no problems until i tried to use my all-in-one device from HP Photosmart C5280. When I plugged the device in all I got was the message that there was a fatal error and the final intall bar stuck at 96%. I looked on hp website to find that they have not yet sorted a driver out for windows 7 & quite honestly I think this is terrible, people are going to trying out Windows 7 and they cannot use this particular model of device. I have had several hp printers etc in the past and have always found them very good, but my confidence in HP has been shattered. Has anybody got any ideas as how I test my All-in-One before invetestin in Windows 7 and not being able to use my device. Many thanks for any comments.
stuart J warner

  sunnystaines 17:06 12 Sep 2009

a recent auto update for my hp photosmart 2575 said for w7 compatability, yet their web still shows no w7 driver to download.

have you checked your hp updater.

  morddwyd 20:32 12 Sep 2009

I am running a C6180 all in one under Windows 7 without a problem.

96% seems to be a favourite sticking point for HP software.

I assume that you did not connect the device until the software told you to?

HP devices are hypercritical in this regard, and if you get it wrong you need to do an L3 uninstall and start from scratch.

  g8aqp 21:32 12 Sep 2009

I have already done all the reply,s before asking for help nothing works it always sticks at 96%.does not work even in compatabilty mode.

  sunnystaines 14:12 13 Sep 2009

could it be a windows setting fault and not the driver or hp causing the problem

  morddwyd 18:56 13 Sep 2009

Try another L3 uninstall - it does sometimes take two tries to get of the dross.

Not trying to teach you to suck eggs, but you're not confusing an L3 uninstall with a normal HP/Control Panel uninstall are you? An L3 uninstall involves looking for an exe file using Windows Explorer.

The normal uninstall, using Control Panel or any of the commercial uninstallers such as CCleaner, or even HP's own uninstall facility, will not work with HP printer software.

sunnystaines - 96% is a familiar sticking point to many HP printer owners - unlikely to be a Windows problem.

  sunnystaines 21:47 13 Sep 2009

not windows 7 but tip from hp re 96% errors.

must admit not heard of them till morddwyd said they were common.

click here

  g8aqp 11:59 14 Sep 2009

Many thanks for all suggestions. To get to printing etc. I had to go back to Windows Vista, so sometime I will to have upgrade again to Windows 7. It will be Sometime before I can say wether or not the issuse has been resolved. Just a thought would it good idea if uninstalled All of the HP stuff before upgrading? Anyway many thanks for all who answered.

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