Photoshop install scratch discs full!

  harbuthnot 20:03 17 Oct 2013

I have just bought a new PC with Win 8 and a 2TB hard disc. Having installed Photoshop 7, when I now try to open photo shop it puts up a message to say the 'scratch discs' are full, and will not open Having looked on line, info suggests that the scratch disc is the hard disc, but mine is far from full,so any help please will be appreciated.

  BRYNIT 20:52 17 Oct 2013

Don't know if this will help CLICK HERE

  BRYNIT 21:11 17 Oct 2013

This is from the adobe community site Click here

  wescliff 22:35 17 Oct 2013

Quite honestly I'm surprised it installed being so old. I remember that issue with the 7.1 update. I could never install it. But this issue has to be with Photoshop 7 not being able to cope with a modern hard drive. It's easy enough to create a small partition below 500mb to act as the scratch disc, but you need to be able to start Photoshop to direct it to it and this you cannot do. I would first create the partition, then uninstall Photoshop, then reinstall directing the installation to the newly created partition. Hopefully it will then use this partition for its scratch disc. (Basically its own swap file). Finally it's not a good idea to have Photoshop running on the hard drive as the swap file. If you can add another drive I would do so. A separate partition is not good.

  wescliff 22:46 17 Oct 2013

Sorry should read "running on the same hard drive" and A separate partition is no good."

  harbuthnot 05:32 18 Oct 2013

Well thank you folks for your response. It was holding Ctrl+Alt on starting Photoshop that brought up an option window for drives to use for start-up. I had a separate external drive which I specified, and 'Lo' Photoshop opened. So thank you BRYNIT the answer was in your link.

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