Photographs - data about who, when, where.

  Peter Perkins 20:16 05 Nov 2015

With Windows 7 I was able to store information about the image. When it was first transferred from the camera memory stick there was a space at the foot of the screen where I could type information about it with regard to who was shown and when. A second space was available for adding information. When I bring these same images to the screen I cannot find how to access this information. Similarly with new photos I have taken since starting with Windows 10 I am unable to record data that is relevant. Where is this data that I have previously saved? How do I bring to the screen the spaces where this information needs to be typed?

  lotvic 21:03 05 Nov 2015

It's called the 'Details Pane' and in W10 it seems to be shown on the righthand side instead of at the bottom as in W7. This shows a screenshot click here Hope that helps, I've not yet gone over to W10 - am still dithering :)

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