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  wild4ranches 21:20 15 May 2016

"THE PERMANENT FIX: Shut down your computer then reboot it. The nagware will disappear for an indeterminate amount of time. An even larger upside to this is that it allows you enough time to research which Apple MAC you want to buy before the nagware pops up again.

Enjoy this Happy Day!"

  Secret-Squirrel 09:35 16 May 2016

The "PERMANENT FIX FOR WIN 10 NAGWARE" is called Never10 ;)

  Matt. 17:29 16 May 2016
  Secret-Squirrel 19:09 16 May 2016

Matt, there are two reasons why I wouldn't recommend your "click here":

1) Even if you go through all the faff of removing then hiding KB3035583, it has a habit of reinstalling itself without the user's consent.

2) The average Windows user is likely to find "GWX Control Panel" too clunky and complicated with all its options. It's also last year's technology. Never10 is currently the best and most elegant solution. There's nothing to install and it takes just one mouse click to permanently block Windows 10 from installing.

  wild4ranches 03:19 17 May 2016

When any fix gets into changing a root or code etc. , this newbie hasn't the intestinal fortitude to continue on. So altho I've gotten my Win 10 Nagware to disappear for 3 days now (Tah Dah!), I'm wondering why all the fuss, since we are going to be FORCED on July 29 to get it anyway.

What am I missing? Thanks, Wild4ranches.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:41 17 May 2016

.........since we are going to be FORCED on July 29 to get it anyway.

Really? Where did you get that idea? Please provide some evidence to backup this fact.

  wild4ranches 22:32 16 Jun 2016

So sorry, Secret Squirrel, sorry for being so long in answering, and, in letting you know that when I went back to find where I'd read it would be a "must-have" by MSFT to us, I discovered I'd been reading it wrong.

So apparently they are NOT going to force us into getting Win 10.
Again, I apologize. Hope you have a nice day.

  wild4ranches 22:34 16 Jun 2016

The Nagware is popping up again on my screen, however, if you cursor up to the right hand corner, about anywhere up in that corner area, and C on it, it disappears even though there is no X.

  wild4ranches 19:14 20 Jun 2016

Never10 seems to be the best and most definitive answer. Secret Squirrel, please read the preface to NEVER10 and you'll find our answer as to MSFT'S "forcing" us to accept 10. It may already be on our computers, and I would never, ever make a bet that MSFT won't force it on us in the future.

I would pay $thousands for a similar-to Win XP to be written and maintained by a company with no ties to MSFT. Does anybody know if that is in the works? Steve Gibson, how about doing this for the billions who would love to forever and ever get away from MSFT?

  sharpamat 09:14 21 Jun 2016

This was pointed out as a potential problem back on the early previews of Win 10 In earlier versions of windows It was possible to choose how updates were before downloading and installing. default setting in win 10 are to download and install hence at some stage often a long time later Personally I disabled this option, the risk being I never get update hence have only once had to restart,

Apple has its own problems as my IPad I know I am looking at the new Microsoft Tablet when it appears to change

As far as forcing people to get win 10 I thing you are mixing the end of Free Upgrades with this

  wild4ranches 17:37 21 Jun 2016

Is there anybody out there writing a program similar to XP and planning on maintaining it to keep the bad guys somewhat squashed? Tx.

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