Performance issues, computer throttling somewhere

  Jasy19 22:58 29 Jul 2014

Hi there.

First off, let me give my pc specifications:

Bulldozer FX 8120 Radeon 7770, 8GB ram.

I have talked with many other people, whilst playing a game online, whom own only slightly different models, some exactly the same; all of which receive frame rates way higher than myself. I had tried a cpu overclock for days, from 3.4ghz - 4.5ghz, which changed nothing. I'm wondering if I could get a bit of technical help in solving this issue? As there's clearly something wrong with my computer..

Thanks in advance.

  Woolwell 15:44 30 Jul 2014

What is your internet connection like?

  lotvic 20:43 04 Sep 2014

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