Pentium D 950 Windows 7 Install Help

  ianhaney50 22:48 25 Mar 2018


I am having a bit of a nightmare trying to install Windows 7 on a Pentium D 950 computer, it's a NEC Powermate ML450. From what I have seen on Google etc. it can take Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 as it's got 3GB RAM, a 500GB HDD. It don't seem to boot from the disc on startup when I press F8 and select to boot from the disc, it just keeps looping. I currently have XP on it as that's all I can install on it so far. I have tried a USB stick to install Windows 7 but does the same thing and just loops on startup when press F8 and select USB.

I am currently trying to install Windows 7 from Windows itself and at the mo it is copying the Windows files but when it reboots it just keeps rebooting/looping

I installed Windows 7 upgrade tool and says Windows 7 can be installed so don't get it.

Has anyone had the same issue or can help please?

Thank you in advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:06 26 Mar 2018

Try going into the BIOS and setting the DVD drive as the first boot device - save and exit (F10) and see if installs from the windows disk.

  ianhaney50 16:49 26 Mar 2018

I have done that and pressed F8 to bring up the boot menu and selected the CD/DVD drive and it light starts flashing away on the optical drive and can hear it spinning and then for some reason the PC just reboots again and that is all it does, I have tried different RAM sticks in every RAM slot and just does the same thing but the BIOS shows each RAM stick so think the RAM sticks/slots are ok.

UPDATE: I changed the PSU and still does the same thing, it's weird that it can install Windows XP from the disc on bootup when I press F8 and select CD/DVD in the boot menu. I have tried a few different Windows 7 discs and also a Windows Vista disc. It don't seem to like anything apart from Windows XP for some reason.

  alanrwood 17:35 26 Mar 2018

Are the disks of good quality and not corrupt.

  ianhaney50 17:39 26 Mar 2018

Yeah I have used the discs before on other PC's and work fine

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:51 26 Mar 2018

Your using the F8 boot select menu which is one time only, as windows installs and reboots then it tries to boot from the HDD which is set as first boot device in BIOS.

Reset first boot device in BIOS depending on make of machine Del RSc F2 are likely keys to enter BIOS.

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