PDF to Word - is this simple?

  buel 20:00 09 Nov 2019

Hi all, A few work colleagues are having trouble converting PDFs to Word, something to do with images changing or moving? Isn't this something a good piece of software can solve, please?

  x13 08:05 10 Nov 2019

Try this .

  x13 08:50 10 Nov 2019

Nah doesn't work with images :( You might have to use online converters or buy a proper app to do the job.

  x13 09:18 10 Nov 2019

I used pdf2doc. com to convert successfully including images. Caveats on using online converters is the privacy of the document and safety. I scanned the document first prior to opening and when opened in Word left it in Protected view.

  buel 10:35 10 Nov 2019

Thanks for this. I don’t mind buying software for this but will the images issue still be there?

  x13 10:50 10 Nov 2019

Talkhelper looks good at $29.99 Link . To test the software out download the trial version. Your documents will be watermarked but you can see how well the PDF has been converted. Impressive I think.

  x13 11:03 10 Nov 2019

P.S. someone else might chip in with a free or cheaper program so as you trial Talkhelper you might like to wait a bit in case someone else posts a suggestion.

  buel 11:15 10 Nov 2019

Thank you for that. Being as there are quite a few of my colleagues at a college, might having the software on more than one PC be an option?

  buel 11:15 10 Nov 2019

*an issue at all?

  x13 11:24 10 Nov 2019

It's 1 Licence to 1 PC.

  waleedsalazar 18:44 16 Nov 2019

There are many option for this I think. So pointing out one best is difficult.

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