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PDF Editor/Reader like Adobe system

  Daisy22 18:42 27 Nov 2016

I have windows 10. Everytime I receive a PDF document it is in "edge" and I can't make any changes, or add details as I want.

I've tried Foxit, the trial version of Adobe DC, Skysoft PDF editor and more.

I just want to have a programme on my PC (windows 10) that enables me to read, view, edit and resend as necessary a PDF document.

What are the best options please, if free all the better. I only use this system once in a while so reluctant to pay the heavy cost of Adobe Acrobat.

  BRYNIT 21:14 27 Nov 2016

If all PDF documents open with edge it means this program is set a default for any PDF files. If you go to Control panel default programs you can choose the default program for PDF files.

If you just want to enter text into a box most free PDF readers including Adobe reader and Foxit will allow you to do this and save the files. If you want to alter edit the PDF file you will need a PDF converter. IcareAll PDF converter and Onekey PDF converter do a reasonable job as I tried both when they were free on the Givawayoftheday . com web site not sure what price they are.

Not all PDF files can be converted, altered or have text inserted especially if the document has been scanned and saved as a PDF file.

  Daisy22 10:34 29 Nov 2016

thanks for replies. I've managed to download an older version of Adobe (didn't want the DC version) and have set it to be the default PDF programme, hopefully this will work

  wee eddie 10:37 29 Nov 2016

I think that there's a slight misunderstanding here.

The whole point of a PDF Document is that you cannot alter it

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