PCI Simple Communications Controller

  cowgirl66 11:18 16 Aug 2008

Hi, I am with Sky Broadband and have had major issues this morning with the modem. At first I put it down to the weather but now I know it's not that.

When I turned on my computer this morning, it was in the middle of installing a Windows Update.

Then I noticed that the light showing conneciton to the internet was not lit on the modem.

Then small windows appeared asking for usernames and passwords to servers I had never heard of and naturally cancelled them but they kept re-appearing

I experimented with Internet Explorer and the screen came up black. So Iran a scan with McAfee and that didn't bring up anything positive. So I turned off the PC and turned it on again. Still the connection to the internet was missing. So I turned the PC off at the wall and turned the whole lot on again and this time, SUCCESS! Connection to the internet was made.

BUT, up came a window telling me that the PCE Simple Communications Controller driver needed updating. Windows couldn't find a driver for me in its updates or on the C:\ drive.

Although I now have my internet working again, I am wondering what this PCI Simple Communications Controller is for. I have checked it in Device Manager and there is an exclamation mark next to it. I can't find the driver in there either by reinstalling it or searching for an update. I have no idea who supplied it in the first place either.

What should I do?

Regards cowgirg66

  cowgirl66 12:20 16 Aug 2008

Sorry but I actually mean "router" not modem.

  cowgirl66 14:43 16 Aug 2008

The latest news is this: I looked on several driver download sites which checked my computer for missing/corrupt drivers and they all wanted a large sum of money for the privilege of downloading the drivers for which I was not prepared to pay. So then I had the idea of using my "Driver and Applications Ugrade disc which came with my Vista updgrade package and found in there one entitled PCI Soft Data Fax Modem With SmartPC. I ticked the box, it installed, and now the PCI Simple Communications Controller with the yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager has gone. Could that have solved my problem?

  chub_tor 20:00 16 Aug 2008

PCI Simple Comunications Controller can be several things but it is usually the modem so it looks as if you have solved the problem. Well done, all without any help from this forum.

  cowgirl66 11:22 17 Aug 2008

Not quite solved after all, chub-tor!

This morning I saw all the lights on the modem were on when I started up the computer, but no blue light on little tvs bottom right in systray. That spelt no connection to the internet. I clicked on Internet Explorer and when the blank webpage came up I got Windows to diagnose the problem for me; it told me I had two conflicting network connections.

So I went to Network and Sharing Centre and sure enough there were two connections there. Not knowing which one to keep, I decided to do a system restore and that removed an "unknown network" and left a "private network" so I assumed that was how it was a week ago before all this trouble started

But thenI noticed the Sagem ADSL Wireless modem was not enabled in Network Connections, so I have enabled it but now I notice there is no Sagem Modem in Device Managaer, only "In-Build CX11256 modem"

I can only hope I haven't ruined things here but am at a loss as to what to do next.

Please help! I so want to make things right again

  Quiller. 12:10 17 Aug 2008

"In-Build CX11256 modem"

in device manager.

Reboot and Vista will not look for the modem or the drivers. You should never need it with broadband.

This should sort out your problems in network connections.

  cowgirl66 12:34 17 Aug 2008

Thank you, quiller.. I have disabled the in-build modem as you advised.

Thanks to you too, chub-tor.

Now I can play Tomb Raider with my mind at rest (and I won't need the internet for that lol)

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