pceu locked windows 8

  morgan450 21:54 15 Feb 2013

help - this ransomware has locked my laptop - i cannot get into safe mode, within minute of startup i get the screen display and am locked out.

solutions seem to be for earlier op systems or on basis i can get to safe mode.

i cant.

any guidance welcome

  Secret-Squirrel 09:10 16 Feb 2013

Because you're unable to get into Safe Mode, hopefully you'll find that a bootable HitmanPro Kickstart bootable USB memory stick will get rid of your pesky ransomware infection. See here for full details including an informative video.

Best of luck.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:48 16 Feb 2013

....forgot to mention that if your laptop is new and came with Windows 8 pre-loaded then it's likely that you'll be prevented from booting from removable media. However you should be able to go into the UEFI configuration screens (which is the modern equivalent of the BIOS) and temporarily disable the "Secure Boot" option.

  morgan450 11:33 16 Feb 2013

its a new laptop with windows 8 preloaded. if theres any way of accessing anything then suggestions welcomed.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:38 16 Feb 2013

"if theres any way of accessing anything then suggestions welcomed."

How did you get on with the suggestions I've already made?

You may find that the bootable USB memory stick works fine even though you're running Windows 8. If you don't have a blank one handy then there's a link on that page to create a bootable CD instead.

Or if all that is beyond your level of expertise then you could persevere with trying to get your laptop to start in Safe Mode - have a look here and scroll down to the section called "Booting Windows 8 In Safe Mode When PC Is Not Starting"

  morgan450 11:09 17 Feb 2013

i cant say your help isnt working as i cannot get to try any of them. this virus seems to be there from the moment laptop is switched on.

i have hit shift f8 until i have almost worn the lettering away, but i cannot get into anything.

all i get is what appears to be start to the app screen and then within a few seconds the lock screen appearing.

i cannot get to select anything in that short time.

as its new pc all my data is backed up from old laptop so im not worried about losing anything.

i just need to get in to do it

  Secret-Squirrel 12:20 17 Feb 2013

morgan450, the HitmanPro Kickstart bootable USB stick (or CD) has been specifically designed for situations such as yours where the ransomware infection prevents you from doing anything in Windows. I suggest you have good read of the first link I posted if haven't already attempted it and the tip below doesn't help.

Regarding getting into Safe Mode, are you able to get to the screen where you login with your username and password (before Windows 8 opens)? If so, don't try to login but instead hold down the left shift key on your keyboard, click the little white power icon bottom-right and choose Restart. Keep the shift key held down until you get the blue screen with white text that says "Choose an Option". If you get that far release the shift key and choose "Troubleshoot your PC" -> "Advanced Options" -> "System Restore" and let the laptop restart. Choose an available restore point that pre-dates the infection.

  morgan450 15:42 17 Feb 2013

thank you secret squirrel im in and now

even though system restore was corrupted i can now recover

the key was getting in and shift f8 doesnt hack it

the tip of holding shift and clicking power was what i really needed


  Secret-Squirrel 17:05 17 Feb 2013

Thanks for the update.

Apologies for not remembering that other Safe Mode tip sooner.

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