pcdimwit 07:39 19 Jan 2010

Hi, I have an acer laptop, aspire 5630 which has been runing fine, however recently the boot-up has become VERY VERY slow, it takes about 4-7 minutes before the windows logo turns into the log-in page, the windows XP intro. melody plays very "wobbly" and slow, and then when I do sign in with my password it takes alot longer for the programmes to be loaded in the task bar at the bottom, this has all happened very suddenly, I have de-frag'd the C and D drives, in fact there is hardly any needs as I dont "block up" the system with lots of saved media/document files and the Hard drive is at least 50% fee on C and nearly 99% free on D drive, its a 120gb HD with an intel core-2 duo T5500 processor. I cant imagine why this has suddenly happened, can someone help and advise me what to do in the "control panel" or where do I look and what do I press to check the system? Thanks alot, my e-mail is: coatcheckcop at yahoo dot com

  mrwoowoo 18:18 20 Jan 2010

Not advisable to put your E-mail address on a forum.
If you haven't done so already download Malwarebytes ( free download) and do a scan with it.
click here
Malware infections can slow down a PC.
You should also do a scan with your Anti virus software as well.
You could also do a clean up of your sytem and registry files with Ccleaner. click here also free.

  pcdimwit 16:54 21 Jan 2010

Thanks for that, I am a bit suspicious that there might be something like a virus or worm that is slowing the computer down, it just suddenly went like this, in fact the windows XP system did shut down and say that the "consistency" of the disks needed checking and it took AGES for it to perform this, I dont have the laptop with me right now but will do what you suggest when I get back., it is connecting to the internet OK but still makes that "wobbly" slow "windows intro tune" when I boot up, and it takes MUCH longer to boot up and load the taskbar at the bottom of page than it ever did before. There is one particular website that WILL NOT let log me out, it just "jams" up when I click log-out and I have to shutdown the computer to clear it!!! is this a fault with the website itself?? I think it must be. I have AVG free antivirus and it hasnt picked anything untoward up. Thanks for tip about not putting an e-mail address on these forurms, as my name suggests (PCDIMWIT) I am a total DUNCE with computers!!!

  pcdimwit 17:22 21 Jan 2010

just downloaded those two programmes you suggested and the Malware one has found 1 file that is on the newer computer I am curretnly using, this is also an Acer aspire 5535 with windows Vista, I think it was a photo file in a USB stick that was infected!!! bloody good thing there are some computer genius's like you on here!!! Thanks alot - PCDIMWIT!!!

  pcdimwit 17:09 23 Jan 2010

all sorted, thanks PCDIMWIT

  Forum Editor 00:16 24 Jan 2010

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