PCA - Running Long Running Scripts?

  jimforrest 16:49 28 Sep 2013

Whilst using PCA to sort out a prob with a laptop I keep having lock-ups and overheating probs on my old (spare) Acer laptop running Win 7. (The Acer is very easy to overheat and that's why it's a spare comp). In Explorer the pages lock up and I get a message saying 'PCA is not responding due to long running scripts'. If I stop the script by clicking on that option I can then scroll down about 6 lines. In Chrome it just takes ages to load the page and the comp gets hot. It has something to do with a the ads and gumff down the edges of the pages. Is it a PCA problem, a Win 7 problem, or have I got a setting wrong?

  john bunyan 17:18 28 Sep 2013

It takes, for me, about 8 - 10 seconds to load - sometimes longer. It has to do with advertising and if you look further you will see it is an ongoing subject. I use IE10 with some adblockers. I cannot see how it could cause overheating though.

  jimforrest 17:40 28 Sep 2013

The overheating is a common Acer problem - it has to be one of the worst laptops in the world! That's why it's now a spare comp - as soon as the processor gets stressed it overheats and switches off. Explorer can't cope with PCA but Chrome does (after several seconds of the 'timer').

  john bunyan 21:21 28 Sep 2013

Maybe a stupid question but I assume you have a tray of some sort under the laptop? Ie fan entrance not obstructed (unlike a grand daughter who had a laptop on her actual lap)

  jimforrest 21:53 28 Sep 2013

It is a laptop but it's on a glass-topped coffee table. From other forums it seems that the cooling holes/fan arrangement was cocked-up in the design. My son tried to play a game on it and it switched off in less than 30sec!

  tullie 15:07 30 Sep 2013

Dident know that Acer have a overheating problem,Ive used them for a number of years without a problem.

  woodchip 23:11 30 Sep 2013

Turn Off Java Script in your browser for PCA Forum It may be a good\ idea to have a second browser open with Script running so you get full features of other web sites

  wee eddie 00:31 01 Oct 2013

Just run this Adblock Plus and the Long Running Script, which is an overdose of Adverts, will be history.

For a long time I supported PCA's advertising policy, then, as they loaded the site with more and bigger adverts, until each page was taking between 60 and 90 seconds to load and become useable. I rebelled, if that is the correct term. I mailed FE to tell him why and then blocked all adverts.

Each page now takes fewer than 10 seconds to fully download.

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