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PC World and Windows Vista

  douglas1973 20:17 13 Feb 2007

At the request of a friend, who has very little knowledge of computers and wanted me to recommend a computer to buy, I suggested that he should buy a certain computer on sale at PC World and accompanied him to the shop yesterday to acquire it after ordering it on the PC World website. In the process of buying it the sales attendant picked up a gismo from the shelves (which I think was manufactured by Belkin) and told us that it would be required to transfer his files from the old computer to the new one. I told the sales attendant that we would not require it because my friend did not have many files on his computer and intended copying them on to a CD (or CDs) and transferring them to his new computer. When it was mentioned that most of the files related to Microsoft Office 2003 programs he said that Office 2003 was not compatible with Vista and that my friend would have to buy Office 2007! I disputed this strongly telling him that I had just installed the full version (not upgrade)of Windows Vista Home Premium followed by Office 2003 on my computer and had no problems whatsoever. He argued that in my case the installation was successful because I had installed Windows Vista on top of Windows XP Home Edition but in the case of the computer that my friend was wanting to purchase, Office 2003 would not work because the installation of Vista would have been done on a clean hard drive! He also said that my original installation of Windows XP would still be in the BIOS which Office 2003 would detect. Have you ever heard such nonsense or have I gone crazy? Whatever argument I presented, such as Microsoft would hardly introduce a new operating system that was not compatible with Office 2003, got me nowhere. In the end my friend and I walked out of the shop empty handed!

  anskyber 22:53 13 Feb 2007


  douglas1973 00:06 14 Feb 2007

I forgot to add that when I suggested for about the third time to the PC World sales attendant that he must have got his facts wrong he assured me that he had not - he had very recently been to a Microsoft training seminar of some kind and was told that Office 2003 was not compatible with Vista and furthermore various customers of PC World had recently returned to the branch complaining that they could not use Office with Vista.

  Bailey08787 11:59 14 Feb 2007

Trading Standards is a bit strong. This lad is obviously only trying to help by giving advice which he believes to be true.

He's made a mistake. The world still spins.

  Bailey08787 13:29 14 Feb 2007

He's a shop sales assistant.

You can't expect every member of pc world staff to be pc whizzkids.

As for his recent Microsoft Training seminar, he probably switched off for ten seconds, and has subsequently got his information in his head a bit muddled.

and to be frank, its a sad reality, but i'm pretty confident that 95% of the people who use this forum / read pc magazines etc could outwit a pc world sales assistant. surely we all know that??

  Bailey08787 14:12 14 Feb 2007

he made an error.

sometimes the weatherman tells us its going to be sunny and it rains.

sometimes the pizza delivery boy brings pepperoni instead of hawaiian.

sometimes people tell us the world is flat.

sometimes people make honest, unintentional, mistakes.

you can't go round saying so & so isn't fit for the job based on one mistake.

give the dimwits a break.

(not that i'm defending pcworld. they're all a bunch of retards. but at least i have the sense to know that and not expect too much of them).

  Bailey08787 14:33 14 Feb 2007

let me have the last word!!!! :-)

  Bailey08787 14:44 14 Feb 2007

thank you

  douglas1973 15:28 14 Feb 2007

Thank you all for your comments. I particularly like the humorous comments. Yes, I did feel inclined to speak to someone in Management (?) about the comments made by the sales assistant but I am not a computer guru and I seriously began to doubt my judgement and thought it best to leave (in a daze) and consult some sane people elsewhere. Besides, the sales assistant seemed a nice guy, sincere and helpful and I didn't want to get him into trouble. I am a coward really because it is people with my attitude that prevents PC World and other similar establishments making the effort to train their staff properly.

  [email protected] 06:36 03 Jun 2007

the guy who lives next to me has just started working for pc world, he was made redundant a few months ago from the motor trade, he has never had a computer, rarely used one, and in his own words 'hates the damn things'
he is now a sales assistant, he has been there a month, i told him i recently had to upgrade my psu, and got the feeling i may well have been talking in another language.
He hopes to leave soon, very soon!

  Killo Bite 00:04 29 Jun 2007

PCW are quite happy also to sell package deals comprising of either Lexmark or Epson All in Ones. Point here is the models out of the box are not Vista Compatible and require Vista drivers and software tools to be manually downloaded.

Laptop, Office 2007 and Lexmark All in one (Lexmark retail at £60) and was free part of a bundle package. They are giving these away.

Amazes me for thoose newbies venturing into a PC world sotre saying they just want to surf the web and maybe use a Digital camera they come out with office student & Teacher, All in One and not a straight printer, Extra carts & a PC World Support pack (Xtra cost) oh and a USB gold Shielded cable, would they sell the shelf to sit the pc on if they could.

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