PC Will Not Boot Up After Reset

  meegan123 06:35 24 Dec 2016

My computer has been randomly freezing the past 3 days, and the only way to fix it was to hold down the power button and restart it. After doing that, it would boot up and be fine, and then freeze again an hour later. I ran my virus scanner--no viruses. Checked drivers for updates-- all up to date. As a last resort, I decided to use Windows' reset PC option without removing my files. After that was completed, my PC turned off. Upon turning it back on, it now refuses to boot up and brings me to a menu where I can try different things to repair it such as resetting my PC again (brings an error up when I attempt this), windows self repair (also does not work), etc. Any clues as to what the issue is or solutions are very much appreciated!

  meegan123 06:40 24 Dec 2016

Also forgot to mention this: -PC is not over-heating -A friend suggested that my hard drive could have failed, but my computer isn't making any weird noises.

  Jollyjohn 08:00 24 Dec 2016

First open the PC and unplug then reconnect the cables to your hard drive and motherboard, it may be a loose connection causing the problem.

Your Hard drive may have failed. It won't make any noise if it has. Download a Linux iso and burn it to a cd. Boot from the cd and run as Live CD. You should be able to see your hard drive and rescue your files to an external hard drive.

Then buy a new hard drive and reinstall Windows.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:43 24 Dec 2016

What op system? W10?

click here download and make a DVD or USb boot drive and use that to boot from and repair the PC.

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