PC Turned On, But has Black Screen

  BigFra12 17:22 29 Dec 2016

So i just bought a new cpu for my computer (AMD A8-6600K Black Edition) and upon installing it and the new heatsink, when i power on my PC, all the fans spin and the LED's turn on, but the screen remains black. The monitor and cable 100% not the problem, and i've tried all the common troubleshooting such as multiple restarts, removing the Mobo battery, trying new RAM etc, but nothing has worked, anybody known any other solutions, thanks.

  lotvic 17:26 29 Dec 2016

Does the monitor display 'No Signal' or similar message?

  BigFra12 17:30 29 Dec 2016

No, the monitor is completely black and says nothing

  lotvic 17:57 29 Dec 2016

Sorry to state the obvious, but if the monitor is showing absolutely no signs of life, check it is switched on and also the wall socket, and also check the fuse in the plug.

  Jollyjohn 18:00 29 Dec 2016

If you put the old cpu in does it work?

If so , double check you motherboard supports your new CPU and does it need a BIOS update to do so?

onboard graphics or separate gfx card?/ Try with only onboard if available.

Do you need an extra power connector? As in there may be an 8 pin connector as well as the standard 20(+4) connector. My motherboard has such a connector but I only have the bottom 4 connected. I was informed I only need all 8 connected for a high end cpu / graphics chip.

Exact model of motherboard would help us assist further.

  BigFra12 18:10 29 Dec 2016

The motherboard is the F2A68HM-HD2, and i only have the 4pin connected like you said, so would i need another 4 pin connector to support the CPU?

  BigFra12 18:20 29 Dec 2016

I just tried the old CPU there and it doesn't work either :/

  BigFra12 18:33 29 Dec 2016

Sorry my bad the old one is working perfectly fine

  Jollyjohn 07:31 30 Dec 2016

see cpu support list click here Do you have FM2 or FM2+

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