PC takes 1-2 hours to boot

  David Leopold 00:40 27 Jan 2019

Please help, I have just pulled a Dell motherboard and i7 processor from a Dell Precision T1500 and built into a new case with a fresh install of windows 10 on a 128gb SSD with 16gb DDR3 memory & 2x additional HDD's for extra storage.

Everything was working fine until I activated SMB1 to connect a Dlink 320L NAS drive, I rebooted the PC to find a very long boot time (1-2 hours). Safe mode and recovery media showed the same boot time issues too. As this was a fresh install I reinstalled Windows again and this time created a restore point.

So I tried activating SMB1 again as I wanted to use my network drive but the issue happened again. I tried to go back to the restore point I had set, waited all day for it to complete but no improvements so I decided to reinstall Windows again and give up on SMB1, but the issue reappeared again. I found one of my hard drives was getting vey hot, I unplugged it and as if by magic my PC started working again (for a while).

Tonight I plugged in an HDMI cable and rebooted the PC but it's now happened again, I don't know what could be wrong, I really don't know where to look. Could this be drivers, Windows, incompatible/faulty hardware? I would really appreciate some guidance as i'm at a dead end.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:02 27 Jan 2019

When your PC eventually boots up and settles down, is it quite fast and responsive?

  David Leopold 17:55 27 Jan 2019

Yes, once it boots you wouldn't know there's a problem with it.

  Secret-Squirrel 20:29 27 Jan 2019

Yes, once it boots you wouldn't know there's a problem with it.

It's unlikely to be a problem caused by faulty hardware then.

1) If you have any USB devices (apart from mouse and keyboard) connected then test by disconnecting them prior to booting up.

2) The Windows Event Viewer monitors boot performance and its logs can frequently identify the specific culprit (driver, service, or program, etc) that's slowing things down during start up.

Open Event Viewer, and in the left-hand pane expand "Applications and Service Logs" -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Diagnostics-Performance -> Operational.

Look in the "Task Category" column for "Boot Performance" entries that are showing error, warning, or critical. If you spot something then double-click on it to view the full details. Hopefully it'll name what's causing the problem, but on the other hand, it may only show you how long Windows took to boot up.

  David Leopold 22:40 27 Jan 2019

Thanks for reply, tried event viewer but as you feared it only showed me how long Windows took to boot up. I did however get another response on another forum regarding resetting the bios which cleared the issue: click here again for taking the time to reply.


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