pc taken over since its been in for repairs

  roderick2 08:25 29 Jan 2018

hi my pc went in for repairs a few weeks ago and since then at 9 00am or just after my pc starts doing things without me touching the mouse, and when i do touch the mouse it wont respond and just keeps going and clicking on things. the only way i can stop it is to force shutdown

  Secret-Squirrel 10:33 29 Jan 2018

Rod, did you fail to spot my suggestion from earlier?

  KEITH 1955 10:39 29 Jan 2018

if you find anything that was installed around the time somebody had your pc then they must be the cause of your problems , as previously stated , the date will be on all programs installed , do you have doccuments to prove they had your pc in for repair on the same day , it all points to them doing something especially as it happens the same time everyday.. whatever they have done could have a scheduled task time built into it... run antimal and if it finds anything rerun it until it finds nothing... personally i would confront the shop and if they refuse to play ball threaten them with trading standards... WARNING. when you say hard shutdown do you mean holding in the power button until pc goes off , if yes please stop doing it because i did it once too often on one of my pc's and corrupted the registry , i could not even run reinstall or windows repair ... 1 dead pc.

As i see it the only safe option would be to do a factory reset to make your pc "as new" but dont forget to save items such as docs,pics,music etc before you do it. if you do full reboot check d drive after for left overs because windows is not very good at cleaning up files.

  roderick2 11:14 29 Jan 2018

thanks warlord the pc has been fine today since i unticked the allow remote, only a couple of things been installed since just before the pc went for repair and thats windows updates and one flash update. right i wont shut down again the way i did pushing power button till it goes of. the only company i let remote access to was virgin a few months ago but there was no problem with the pc till it went for repair. i will run the prog you mentioned and see what happens.

  alanrwood 12:22 29 Jan 2018

Have a look in Task Scheduler and see if anything was programmed to run at that time of day. If so disable it.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:53 29 Jan 2018

I'm not going to ask again. I give up.

  roderick2 12:58 29 Jan 2018

secret squirrel there was nothing new there, its been one hell of a morning for me so much going on

  roderick2 13:05 29 Jan 2018

alan run task there was nothing set to run at any time. i think the prob was remote access was on and some one was connecting that way, its been ok since i unticked it

  lotvic 16:19 29 Jan 2018

If it happens again, instead of shutting pc down - disconnect pc from the internet / Router by unplugging the Ethernet cable or if WiFi switch off WiFi on Router. You will then be able to investigate further.

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