pc taken over since its been in for repairs

  roderick2 08:25 29 Jan 2018

hi my pc went in for repairs a few weeks ago and since then at 9 00am or just after my pc starts doing things without me touching the mouse, and when i do touch the mouse it wont respond and just keeps going and clicking on things. the only way i can stop it is to force shutdown

  wee eddie 08:35 29 Jan 2018

Can you give us more idea of what it appears to be doing and its specification

  roderick2 08:45 29 Jan 2018

hi eddie around 9 00am or just after the curser starts moving around the screen clicking on certain icons, and there is no way i can stop it without force shutting down the pc and restarting again its ok after that, its only started happening after pc went for repairs, i did find that the box that allows remote access was ticked so i unticked it, is there any way i can find out what or who is doing this, sorry i am no techie

  wee eddie 08:47 29 Jan 2018

My immediate reaction would be to ring the people who did the repair, (what was it), and ask them what it's doing. It could be downloading and installing Windows Updates but, the description you've given doesn't fit with my Update experience

However, the degree to which you trust them has to be factored in

  wee eddie 08:51 29 Jan 2018

Have you given anyone "Remote Access" and what Anti Virus do you have installed?

  wee eddie 08:56 29 Jan 2018

Sorry composing the last before I saw your response.

I would be very suspicious. Possibly contact my Bank and Credit Card Companies as soon as possible

  Secret-Squirrel 09:01 29 Jan 2018

is there any way i can find out what......... is doing this

Go to Control Panel, and top-right, ensure that the "View by" option is set to "Large Icons". Click on "Programs & Features. Sort the entries so the most recent are at the top of list by clicking the "Installed on" column-heading once or twice.

Let me know the name(s) of anything that was installed while the PC was away at the repair shop.

  roderick2 09:01 29 Jan 2018

thank you eddie i will contact bank something i thought about it was only last couple of days that i that whoever gets there hands on th pc they can also find out all my passwords that are stored on my pc

  roderick2 09:05 29 Jan 2018

eddie sorry tou did ask i have zone alarm firewall also windows defender and also malware byts and i also use crap cleaner

  roderick2 09:13 29 Jan 2018

hi eddie all that was installed was windows updates and one from flash

  wee eddie 10:02 29 Jan 2018

You appear to have "Team Viewer" or something similar installed. And a Third party is navigating around your desktop, in less your PC is showing a demo of such a program

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