PC stalls and has become slow

  mitch69 14:05 29 Sep 2017

I recently installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 - I'd previously been using XP. Since then my internet activity has become sluggish. I'm connected via a Huawei wi-fi box. Pc stalls and everything is slow. Even typing words takes forever. Sometime my mouse pointer is replaced with a hand icon.I also receive messages such as: 'Waiting for snap ins to complete'. The web page I'm on sometimes vanishes and is replaced briefly by the windows 7 start-up display. What's gone wrong?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:08 29 Sep 2017

What specs does your machine have?

Was it running OK at all with win 7?

  mitch69 12:58 30 Sep 2017

What specifications? It was running fine with Xp. I'm using mozilla firefox. I receive messages such as: waiting for snap ins to complete. Warning - uresponsive script (chrome).

Tried to defragment disk drive but received message saying I had to have Administator Rights??? However, I did manage to do a disk clean up for errors and it seems to be fine.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:02 30 Sep 2017

Make and model?

Windows 7 uses more resources than XP

How much memory RAM? How much free space on the hard drive?

  mitch69 13:55 30 Sep 2017

Dont know - how do i find out?

  mitch69 14:12 30 Sep 2017

AMD Sempron ™ Processor 3400+2GHz Installed Memory 1.00GB

2 Disk Drives

C: 56.5GB C: contains Windows 7 Free of 74.5GB

D:89.00GB Free of 127GB

  Jollyjohn 21:39 30 Sep 2017

1GB RAM! I am impressed the PC does anything. If you can, go to crucial.com and run the scanner to see how much RAM your motherboard will support and what type. Then trawl eBay for the RAM.

Also be aware that a fresh install of W7 will be trying to download and install a huge number of updates. Once it has updated to service pack 1 there are another 195 updates. I have put W7 on a couple of laptops recently and each has taken 4 days, on a fast wired connection, to download and install all the updates.

  mitch69 13:46 01 Oct 2017

Thanks for advice. Had to leave pc on all night to receive 101 updates! When I turned it on this morning received a screen message telling me to wait whilst updates were configured! However, just received a screen message saying more updates were to be installed! I ticked postpone. I've turned off the updates in the settings and ticked manual updates.Will this help?

Im using Mozilla Firefox. Evertime I log on it takes sometime to load a page and always receive a message saying a web browser is blocking me from loading the page. Quite mystifying???

  Jollyjohn 14:14 01 Oct 2017

It will help in the short term, but better to leave PC running for a few days and get all the updates completed. The Firefox issue may well be related to security updates which is why you need to let them install.

A RAM upgrade is the way to go.....

  mitch69 12:09 02 Oct 2017

Downloaded the scanner from crucial.com but it won't open for some reason? I'm now also receiving a message to activate windows via phone???!

  Jollyjohn 13:15 02 Oct 2017

You will need to activate windows. It is a recorded message service. Have a pen and paper ready to write down the activation code.

Crucial scanner probably needs an updated version of Internet explorer / firefox or Java to run.

Leave PC on for a couple days and get all the updates then try again.

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