pc shuts down (random) whitout a warning

  EvelienNemie 00:42 22 Sep 2014


I'm not sure if my problem is because of the windows i'm running on my pc or cause of something else, thing is that in random times my pc shuts down totaly, whitout a warning or anything. Sometimes i'm listening to music on youtube (thats when i have the feeling that it happens the most), or i'm gaming on Aion. Most of the time i'm doing something and whitout a warning it just closes, goes immediatly to blackscreen. When i try to restart, my start button on my pc console starts to light up but turns black as soon as 3 seconds later again, i can hear my pc wants to start up but then stops afer 1,2,3, seconds. When i keep trying it doesnt work, when i pull out the electricity and wait for a minute then he restarts from first time.

When i open my logbook it's full of red warning signs....the only thing is that i don't know what they meen, most of the time when i compare the time and date of one of the warnings it's from the moment my pc shutted down. I tried to scan whit malwarebytes and everythinh i could possible think of, i have commodo anti virus aswell on my pc and anti rootkit, they al scan and find nothing. (Srr for my crappy english, i have windows 8, i can't find it where to attach printscreens, but if you need one i can make then of my logbooks)

Tyvm already for the help!

  wee eddie 01:05 22 Sep 2014

Have you tried to giving the inside a good blow through. It could just be overheating

  EvelienNemie 01:39 22 Sep 2014


No, i didn't, could it be that simple? i got some openings at the side of my panels and it doesn't seems like theres a lot of dust in it, but i'l try it tommotow anyway and we'll see.

TY alreay, i'll let you know how it goes

  wee eddie 02:17 22 Sep 2014

Take the Side Panels off and give it a blow through. Makes sense to take it somewhere where dust is unimportant.

How to clean. Watch on YouTube,

  EvelienNemie 20:15 22 Sep 2014


Just finished cleaning...was suprised of the amount of dust...seriously, and my pc is open on my desk, and got openings at both panels...what stands out now is the noise that is so much less then it used to be... So i'll let you know if he shuts down again (i surely hope not),cause i only have this pc for one year.

thx already

  wee eddie 21:51 22 Sep 2014

Last time I cleaned out my PC, I was persuaded to take the cover off the Graphics Card. The Cooling Fins were, almost totally Blocked, gross!

I think that I have almost been converted to Compressed Air. However, I shall stick with the Hair Drier and (Natural Bristle) 1" Paint Brush, for now.

  EvelienNemie 23:06 23 Sep 2014

Well, i used a brush to paint with, and then i mean a small one, that i use when i make paintings for fun en thats all... I even opend my processor i think it's called, the ventilator that is at the back where the start button is attached to aswell, and just like you said, there was dust everywhere and really a thick layer (like almost 5 mm.) on top of everything. Just NUTS!!!

  wee eddie 23:14 23 Sep 2014

Be very careful. Particularly with the Power Supply. Even when the PC is disconnected from the Mains there is considerable risk of a big shock if you touch the wrong part of it's insides.

The best way, if you haven't done the job before is to watch the "How To" clips on YouTube.

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