PC shutdown. cut power off

  halocroft 14:45 11 Mar 2018

Hello, Recently encountered a problem with my laptop. Everytime i try to launch a game, my pc shuts down. for example: i load Skyrim, game loads up, i try to do something and pc cuts power off. Another example: I load up GTA online and on that moment when game should be fully loaded (when you can start controlling you character) pc shuts down. Happened also while i was watch movies or just browsing internet (even when i was working with MS Word :D). Can someone help me with this? I have Lenovo y580, i7-3610QM, GTX 660M 2GB, 12Gb DDR3 RAM, Kingston mSata 120GB SSD, 1TB WD HDD. BTW, today i even reassembled my laptop, changed thermal compound, cleaned every component and didn't find any physical damage on any part. Maybe someone had similar problem and have solution for that? Thank You :)

  wiganken2 15:51 11 Mar 2018

Try updating the drivers on your laptop. You can use the free program IOBit Driver Booster to do this. See click here

  halocroft 06:49 12 Mar 2018

every driver is up to date

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:09 12 Mar 2018

It does sound like heat but you seem to have done all you can in that respect.

I would be tempted to rum a couple of memory tests next.

I assume you are plugged into the mains, if the battery is removable run on mains only and see if the problems re occurs.

  wiganken2 10:38 12 Mar 2018

You say you can't see any physical damage but there could be a poor connection somewhere? Has the laptop been dropped? Check everything is seated properly and all cable connections are firmly pushed home. Also it could be an electronic component starting to fail.

  halocroft 08:12 13 Mar 2018

Thanks for replays guys :) But i use my laptop as a desktop and it haven't been moved for a long time. once again i reassembled my laptop to check for any damage, but nothing i could find (checked some connections with multi tester). But, i tried to do stress test, and with Prime95 my laptop shut down, but temperatures were ok at that point.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:45 13 Mar 2018

Memory test?

  halocroft 17:44 13 Mar 2018

memory and CPU

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