PC Settings screen problems Windows 8.1 part 2

  RISC OS user 12:39 25 Oct 2015

I posted a question a few weeks ago re PC settings screen and was given a work around which was to set up a new account and this does work, however, I would be pleased if anyone can advise me where the original problem originates? I have isolated it to "Device Manager, other devices, unknown device". If I delete the unknown device the problem clears immediately and only returns at reboot. Is there a way to remove it permanently so that it does not reoccur on reboot. I have attached 2 screen shots of the Device Manager. href here


  RISC OS user 12:43 25 Oct 2015

click here appears to have gone wrong so have re set as above

href Link

  RISC OS user 12:46 25 Oct 2015

I really am having problems!!!! click here

  Govan1x 14:54 25 Oct 2015

Maybe instead of deleting the driver just right click it and click on disable.

  RISC OS user 15:08 25 Oct 2015

Maybe instead of deleting the driver just right click it and click on disable

* Sorry, no that does not work, I thought I had already tried it, but tried again same result.

  rdave13 15:44 25 Oct 2015

Try this, open device manager, select view and select 'show hidden devices'. See if you can see an extra gpu driver or something showing with an error. Disable for now in case the driver is needed. Reboot. If still having the same error retrace the steps but this time in hidden devices click on the 'Action' tab. Initially it might show a 'help' box. If so click a blank space to clear then click on the Action tab again. This time select 'scan for hardware changes'. See what it brings up.

  RISC OS user 16:21 25 Oct 2015

Thank you rdave13 I have tried that nothing new comes up!

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