PC Running Slow - Processes and StartUp Advice pls

  AroundAgain 18:13 11 Nov 2018

I have my friend's PC as it's running slowly so I'm hoping to be able to improve the performance.

I'm hoping someone will be able to advise.

Specs: Windows 10 Home 64-bit v 1803 Build 17134.345

Processor Intel Core i3-2130 [email protected] 3.40Hz 3.40 GHz

HHD 500Gb (369Gb free of 464Gb)


I have looked at Task Manager and there seem to be quite a few on StartUp but I'm not sure if I can disable any more of these (I disabled some some time ago)

In 'Processes', there seem to be a lot of things running. Please see the images, showing what is in StartUp and what processers are running. I would appreciate any advice regarding any that can be disabled.

href here have noticed, also, this PC seems to have McAfee, Norton Security and Windows Defender. I've not yet checked if they are all active but clearly it's usually not advisable to have two anti-virus running. I understand Windows Defender will automatically disable itself in the presence of another AV running. I don't know much about Norton Security, to be honest, but I do remember, years ago, I removed Norton's AV as it was significantly slowing my PC. I don't know if this may still be the case.

Any advice will be appreciated. I'm now going to check out other 'routine' stuff to clean ut the PC. I will be keen to read what you advise.

Many thanks AA







  martd7 18:45 11 Nov 2018

The link doesn't work I get a 404 error

Firstly I would definitely remove one of the AVs but it might be best to see if either is a trial or paid for program before uninstalling one

  AroundAgain 20:48 11 Nov 2018

Apologies regarding the links in my original post. They looked as if they had gone through OK. Obviously not.

Perhaps this link will work, taking you to the gallery - Screen dumps

  AroundAgain 20:50 11 Nov 2018


Many thanks. Yes, I'll check out the AV's

  wee eddie 21:12 11 Nov 2018

Having 2 AVs enabled is almost guaranteed to screw up your PC. There are some that will will not screw another but that's because they're pretty basic.

You must use the AV's own Removal Tool to get rid of it.

Then I'd use CCleaner

  AroundAgain 21:33 11 Nov 2018

Thanks wee eddie

I'm just downloading Malwarebytes and will scan with that.

It seems Norton is currently active so, maybe McAffee is just 'sitting around' but I'll check. I'm not sure why, nor how, Norton's got on the PC as I'm sure I've never installed it for her. I'll be checking with her this evening.

Thanks for your help.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:43 12 Nov 2018

Hello Julie

I can see no evidence of any performance issues in those screenshots. The CPU and hard drive are barely active and the memory use is ~ 45%. Was the computer running slowly when you took those screenshots?

I find that roughly one third of all Windows 10 problems can be resolved by choosing Restart from the power menu. Have you tried that?

Your screenshots tell me that the only AV that's running is Norton. The McAfee entry in Task Manager is a password manager. Windows Defender is not running.

Your friend's computer is not running low on disk space so CCleaner won't help, and like all so-called Registry "cleaners", it has the potential to wreck the PC.

When you reply please tell me in detail more about this slow computer. For example, is it like that all the time or is just startup or the Internet that's slow?

  AroundAgain 10:05 12 Nov 2018

Good morning, Secret-Squirrel

Many thanks for your post. I have to admit that, when I looked in Performance, I was expecting Memory to be struggling so was surprised to see it's OK. However, those shots were taken when the PC was not under demand. I need to test it further.

Last evening, I did a couple of scans using Malwarebytes and first scan found several things it put in quarantine but not the PUPs. I then did a second scan and dealt with the PUPs. Third scan was clear. I haven't tested it since then, but am intending to do so today.

The McAfee was only a recent installation. I suspect that was a 'rogue' install as my friend doesn't intentionally install anything! I checked with her and she doesn't know why McAfee was on there - now uninstalled.

Thanks for confirming Win Defender isn't running!

So, I'm hoping to be able to test it further today, using the programs she would normally have running, to see how it behaves.

I'll definitely report back when I have something to say / ask.

Many thanks for your support, SS :) Julie

  wee eddie 10:55 12 Nov 2018

Just a thought. If she's trying to run intensive things on it, games etc, then the i3 Processor is the problem

  AroundAgain 11:53 12 Nov 2018

Good morning wee eddie

No, she doesn't play games but good thought. CPU doesn't seem to be particularly struggling but I notice the disc is almost continiously writing / showing activity so it seems to me something is busy working around in the background.

Having said that, the PC seems to be a bit behind on Win 10 Builds. PC, so I'm wondering if one of the updates might be 'stuck', hence reducing the performance. PC is Win 10 Home v 1803 Build 17134.345. My PC is Win 10 Home v 1803 Build 17134.376.

I'm now updating the PC so it will be interesting to see if, when all the updates are installed and none 'stuck' etc, the PC performance improves. I've had a slow PC, previously, which improved once the updates had sorted themselves out (one was missing/stuck)

I think that could explain why the disc is consistently writing and showing up to 100% activity most of the time. Certainly worth checking after the updates have completed, eh... ???

The main programs used are

Thunderbird (needs emails deleting etc!!!) I do keep reminding her ;)

Firefox - I'm using a wifi dongle with her PC just now, as ethernet cable is rather 'inconvenient' for me here. Normally, her PC runs via ethernet cable. Hence, internet use may well be a bit slower than 'normal' while at my house.

MS Word 2003 (basic letter / report writing etc only)

MS PowerPoint 2003 (for monthly posters - pictures of cats needing re-homing [re cat charity] )

MS Excel (only to view a spreadsheet, when sent monthly - not much data, tho)

Adobe Reader / camera software / wifi Epson printer

So, shouldn't be too demanding, I wouldn't have thought.

I'll post back once I see how the PC performs once Updates have finished

Many thanks Julie

  Secret-Squirrel 12:55 12 Nov 2018

........but I notice the disc is almost continiously writing / showing activity ............

That will definitely slow things down if it's active for prolonged periods. It could be due to an overactive process, or because data has to be fetched from the page file on the hard drive, or both. I can tell you how to check for these if need be.

I have to say that a computer with 4GB or RAM and a old-fashioned mechanical drive will never be fast. Do you know if it's always been like this?

There's nothing wrong with the CPU. It may be "only" be an i3 but it's base clock-speed is very fast so it's actually quite perky. It's certainly more that capable of coping with the tasks you mentioned.

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