PC restarts into black screen

  DaVoxel 14:11 15 May 2017

Have had this problem for a while now. Basically shutting town the pc and then starting it from the button works - it boots up correctly. However the problem relies in the restart, every time I either do updates that do automatic restart or press the physical restart button on the pc, once it tries to boot the screen stays black and display power button stays flashing, as if it was hibernating. Therefore is there any way to fix it so I would be able to do the restarts to the pc? OS: Windows 10 MoBo: MSI H81M-E35

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:22 15 May 2017

  1. Go to "Power and Sleep" settings. Tell the computer to Never sleep.

  2. Disable "Fast start".

  3. Shut down computer and reboot.

  4. Do a restart from Windows and see if it now works.

  DaVoxel 16:21 15 May 2017

Sadly that did not work.

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