PC reboots randomly, appears to lose power

  n0vus 22:29 22 Jul 2018

Hi all, hope you can give me some direction here.

I recently bought a new PC, pretty basic, just for work/web stuff really, playing movies is about the most I ever ask of it, AMD A6 9500 4.1GHz, ATI Radeon HD R5, 8GB 2133MHx DDR4. The problem I'm having is that it will suddenly restart for no apparent reason, usually within a few minutes of powering up. Sometimes it will boot properly when it restarts, and sometimes it will almost seem to have a power supply problem, with the fan lights flickering; at this point it will on occasion power down and the power button will not work until I have switched the wall socket off and on again. At other times it will enter a kind of rebooting loop where it will never manage to load W10 correctly. Sometimes it will restart during the POST and sometimes during the W10 loading phase. The bottom line is that there seems to be no discernible pattern to when it reboots.

I would be confident that it's a PSU issue but for the fact that I managed to boot it into safe mode with networking and it has not rebooted now for some time.

I don't think it's an overheating issue because it usually happens within a few minutes of booting and before I've had a chance to have the processor do any hard work.

It seems clear that it's not a software/driver issue because it often restarts before W10 has even loaded. So I figure it's a hardware issue if not PSU?

All suggestions gratefully received!


  wee eddie 23:52 22 Jul 2018

You use the word "recently". Recently enough to use the Warranty?

  n0vus 20:29 23 Jul 2018

Yes, bought Nov last year, but honestly I would rather just replace the power supply than go to the hassle of sending it back (bought online), if there was a consensus that this was the likely problem. NB, about ten minutes after posting last night, it rebooted out of safe mode :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:49 23 Jul 2018

could be corrupt hard drive run chkdsk /f on the drive.

if it passes that then the next hing yo test is the memory.

  n0vus 19:46 24 Jul 2018

Thanks for the suggestions. I ran chkdsk /f with no problems found. I typed mdsched at the command prompt and selected restart and test immediately; it got about 2% into Pass 1 and restarted :).

I assume that mdsched must be arranged in such a way that memory faults cannot interfere with the process? It's running again now so we'll see how far it gets.

Spoke too soon, restarted again :) This time the fan lights flickered for a few seconds and now it has basically powered down; the only clue that there is still power going to the machine is in the LED ring that surrounds the power button. To all other appearances the machine is off, although I did not command it to shut down.

I'm thinking I just drop a new PSU in there and see what happens!

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