PC no monitor output after sleep

  pcflow 10:32 27 Nov 2016

My PC has started randomly not outputing a signa; to the monitor when i switch it on from sleep. When this happens, the power button and restart button have no effect even if you hold them down. The only way to make the machine switch off and work again is to switch off at the mains for 10 secs, then switch on again and wait 10 secs before pressing the on button. It then starts working fine and continues from the last sleep. Any suggestions? running windows 10 64 bit samsung ssd Corsair 8gb ram AMD FX6300 Asus mobo GTX650Ti graphics

  wee eddie 13:17 27 Nov 2016

If the Monitor is taking its Power from the PC. there is a possibility that your PSU is not delivering enough power.

If it were getting no signal the Monitor would exhibit a "No Signal" logo of some kind

  pcflow 22:03 27 Nov 2016

the monitor does not respond at all (no on screen no signal messages) Another thing ive noticed is the HDD light doesn't light up either when this happens.

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