Pc and laptop programs and settings mixup

  Wpleeder 01:45 26 Apr 2017

Hello everyone. My girlfriend has a 3 in 1 Samsung touchscreen with 8.1 which was windows 10. I have a Samsung notebook windows 7 starter. (Old) I only got it for internet use but for some reason the windows 8.1 program and settings from my girlfriends pc are in 'my computer'. How is this possible. I noticed when running malewarebytes that it was taking a very long time to scan it. (Nearly 4 hours). The other thing is that my girlfriend said that those some programs I have are hers and that she does not have them on hers. I need to know what is going on here. Any help will be great. Sorry, my name is Wayne by the way and my girlfriend is Gemma.

  Archonar 08:59 26 Apr 2017

A couple of questions, when you say "my computer" do you mean the computer that belongs to you or the section of the explorer called "my computer"?

Also, when you say the 8.1 programs and settings are in "my computer", could you elaborate on what those programs and settings are? Do you mean that you have the same programs installed on your pc as she does without installing them? Or that the settings from her pc have carried across?

To me it sounds like somehow it has synced across the network, but I'm not exactly sure what the question is so with a bit more information I can be a bit more specific.

  Wpleeder 09:27 26 Apr 2017

I thought I might get this kind of reaction as I'm not yo good at explaining it first time round. Yes it is all in my computer section and yes her programs have just appeared on mine. Like the whole of the 'my computer' section or 'c' drive. I think somehow it has copied across the network somehow. I think I might stay off her wifi lol She always thinks that it's been hacked, as in the router. Thank you for replying

  Archonar 11:07 26 Apr 2017

It sounds to me like the programs are sharing across the network. It can be disabled, click here

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