PC keeps turning of

  redsusan 11:04 13 Jul 2010

Can I have some help with this problem please. My sons PC is switching itself of all the time and then he has to turn it on again by the tower.
It is an Acer Aspire AX3300 and is about 4 months old.Windows vista. and virgin broadband, I have run a virus check using virgin security but it found nothing.


  chub_tor 13:08 13 Jul 2010

The most common cause of switching off while running is overheating. Is your son into heavy gaming where the CPU and the graphics card are working extra hard? If so he might want to take it back to where he bought it and get it checked out.

  redsusan 15:17 13 Jul 2010

Just phoned my son and he said no he doesn't play any games only poker on face book, He bought it from Argos and although it's got 12 months warranty i dont think you can take it back can you?

  chub_tor 19:57 13 Jul 2010

I would certainly check with Argos what their returns policy is and you can do this with a phone call to the store or if you bought it on line you can look on their website.

If the Virgin security check is the only one you have run I would also download and run Malwarebytes click here to make sure that your son has not encountered any malware while he has been on line.

  shallyd 08:02 17 Aug 2010

follow the steps below to fix your problem

Step 1
Consider the symptoms that point to a problem of dust build-up. If your desktop or laptop computer shuts off after it's on for some time, but then when you wait a while and turn it on again it works fine, dust accumulation inside your computer is most likely the culprit! Dust collecting on components inside your computer's case will cause them to overheat. If your computer's components overheat, they may cause a number of problems, including shutting down of the computer. Obviously, if you turn your computer off and let it cool down, it will work fine when turned back on, until the heat builds up again. The first step is to place the brush attachement on your vacuum cleaner and remove dusk from all the vent and fan holes in your computer's case. Computers have one or more fans inside that draw air into the case and across components, and dust particles come right in with it.

Step 2
If you feel competent enough, you can disconnect your desktop computer from the electrical outlet, remove the cover, and carefully vacuum the inside. Be very careful not to disconnect or break any delicated wires or components. Or, you can take the computer outside, remove the cover and blow the dust out with a can of compressed air (which should be available at your local office supply store or computer retailer).

Step 3
If you have a laptop or notebook computer, it is not recommend that you take them apart for cleaning. They are very delicate and easily damaged if you are not experienced at taking them apart.

Read more: How to repair a computer that shuts down after being on a while | eHow.com click here

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