pc keeps freezing and stuttering

  sut1576 14:52 19 Jun 2012

hi guys

i have an issue with my pc and i am hoping you guys can help. i have an issue over the last 6 months or so that when i am on my pc it will keep freezing and stuttrting only for a second or so, it happens when i do things like launch firefox lauch origin browse through webpages. it happens alot when am watching movies aswell. when watching the film from my hd ( not disc ) all is fine untill it will strated to freeze for and stutter this can last for about a minute or so then it will suddenly run really fast to catch itself back up and again will run fine after that, the issue seems to be getting worse with the pc freezing and locking up more and more when just lauching my browser. my system is decent running i7 cpu 6gb corsair 1600mhz ram gigabyte ga-ex58-ud5 radeon hd5870 wd velociraptor hd thermaltake toughpower 600w powersupply.

does anyone have any idea what may cause this issue or any idea of a prog that i can download to test the components?

thank you for any help sut

  KRONOS the First 14:59 19 Jun 2012

My first thought is overheating, so I would check all fans particularly the heat-sink make sure they are dust free, soft brush and hoover does it for me. I would also suggest renewing the thermal paste between heat-sink and CPU.

  sut1576 15:31 19 Jun 2012


i have checked all the fans and cleaned them all and all seems fine. plus i could understand the heat issue when gaming but from just booting up and launching browser it wouldnt have time to heat up enough to cause the issue.

  KRONOS the First 16:10 19 Jun 2012

OK, what about seeing if you had RAM issues? You could run this Memtest. My apologies if I am suggesting things that you have tried already, but I find it sometimes helps to go through the simple stuff first, just in case. Another daft question your heat-sink is firmly situated, that happened to me once took me a while to realise.DOH.

  sut1576 16:36 19 Jun 2012


running memtest now although not sure how to run it right lol. and no apologies needed at all i thank you so much for the help as this issue is driving me mad, i checked my heatsink about a month ago and all seems good.

is there any progs out that can test my hd and cpu? or can you think of anything else that may cause the issue.

  KRONOS the First 16:40 19 Jun 2012

Test your harddrive. Several to choose. Your harddrive maker will more than likely have downloadable tools on their support website.

As for your CPU. PCmark.

  sut1576 16:43 19 Jun 2012

thank you again. do i just run test of memtest or i run more than 1 test at the same time for each 2gig stick of ram. so would i have 3 tests running at the same time for each stick of ram? sorry if this is a stupid question,

  KRONOS the First 17:02 19 Jun 2012

My mistake this is the RAM testing software I should have linked to. Memtest86. I have never used the one I first linked to. Again my apologies.

Here is the manual for the first memtest.Manual.

  HondaMan 07:42 20 Jun 2012

You could also check your anti-virus and firewall status. Using more than one of each can cause problems as well.

  sut1576 16:48 20 Jun 2012

ran memtest and found no issues, ran harddrive check and no issues, and i cant find any overheating issues,

im stuck do youhave anymore ideas i could try,


  KRONOS the First 17:01 20 Jun 2012

This is certainly a puzzle, if it were happening to me what would I do? Being a PC builder I have plenty of spare parts kicking about so I would probably try another graphics card and/or do a fresh install of Windows and see if the problem still occurred.

But I suspect it is a hardware problem so reinstalling Windows probably would not help, but I would still do it as I have smallish SSD with my operating system on so it is a pretty painless process and at least it rules it out as the source of the problem.

Your problem is odd because it seems to be happening when you are really not doing to much with your PC. I will give it some thought and get back to you.

One thing I would add if you get a problem best to deal with it when it first happens not a few months down the line after it has got worse. I know I have done it.

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