PC keeps freezing! I have done everything!

  AlbertMijburgh 03:56 19 Sep 2018

My pc is giving me some problems, and I have tried everything I can think of to solve it to no avail.

So first my hardware specs: Motherboard - Asrock z170 pro 4. CPU - Intel i5 6700 I think. RAM - 4x8gb corsair vengeance, 2 of them at 2400hz and 2 at 2800, Storage - multiple HHD and a single Samsung 850 pro series SSD GPU - nvidia gtx 670.

So, I accidentally put my finger in my watercooler’s case fan, and my PCs immediately shut down. I am assuming it is some safety feature that if the fan stops the pc will shutdown. After rebooting my pc keeps on freezing.

It will run for a few minutes, sometimes long enough to login to windows, some times not. Initially I removed all my RAM sticks since they have given installation problems before and inserted them one by one. I have removed my CMOS battery. I have formatted my SSD and reinstalled Windows’s on it. I have tried installing windows on another drive and it still does not solve the problem.

I have also sometimes gotten the error that my display driver has stopped responding has then started again. (I cant remember the exact wording) so I have updated all my drivers to their latest versions.

Just a bit more details on the “freezing”. It tends to happen more frequently when I open more apps or web tabs. Initially the mouse pointer slows down dramatically (sometimes it recovers, mostly it does not and freezes the entire pc) then it sometimes starts showing incorrect pointers (like the dragging hand on the close button) and then finally the entire pc stops. Sometimes the final screen just remains, sometimes the pc will reboot after showing a black screen for a while.

  wee eddie 08:57 19 Sep 2018

It strikes me that you probably did a little more than just stop your Cooling Systems Fan, you have probably damaged the Cooling System sufficiently that it no longer works.

At a wild guess, you broke the pump that circulates the water

  AlbertMijburgh 15:06 19 Sep 2018

It might be that, but i kind of doubt it, since the PC is sable when booted in safe mode.

  wee eddie 15:34 19 Sep 2018

Cost you nothing to look

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