Pc freezing randomly on start-up and regular use

  Sm333333 12:20 06 Apr 2018

I just built a gaming pc it has fx9590 processor 1050ti graphics and 12g of ram. when ever I try to use it it will randomly freeze I've tried different graphics and it still happens. I know of this processor freezing and I tried various fixes but they all don't work. Any just now it has stopped recognising any keyboard inputs. Does anyone know what might be wrong with it?

  rdave13 13:12 07 Apr 2018

You could try testing the ram modules. Try running with only half the amount of sticks connected in the appropriate slots then test the other half.

  rdave13 13:15 07 Apr 2018

Depending on the ram sizes you might have to run a 8 gb stick only then the 4 gb stick.

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