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  danscomputerproblems 20:30 16 Dec 2017

I’m going to get straight to the problem. Basically, my pc which isn’t running on windows 10 with a nvidia geforce gtx 970 gpu is randomly freezing with a buzzing sound coming from the speakers (which only occurs if audio was playing at time of the freeze) and i am forced to shut down my pc from the power button. This happens very frequently and normally happens after opening up a program or internet browser although it can happen sometimes while my computer is on my desktop with nothing open. Also, occasionally a black screen occurs which last for a few seconds. My cursor can also sometimes jump around the screen before the freeze.

I have spent many hours trying to solve this and have come to the certain conclusion that it is my graphics card (nvidia geforce gtx 970 running with latest drivers). This is because my computer works fine when using the basic microsoft display adapter.

So far i have done many things such as install latest drivers, install old drivers, anti virus, ram check and much more but the problem still persists.

After running GPU-Z to see my gpu specs at the time of the crash i nottice that my GPU Load jumps from 0% to 100%, Memory Clock jumps a large amount and core clock jumps a large amount. Everything else looks normal and how it should be (temperature etc.)

That’s about it. If anybody knows the solution to this please tell me and help for i will be forever greatful as this is getting extremely frustrating. Thanks.

P.S: Please forgive me for my illiteracy in this subject - i’m kind of new to this lol :)

  Peter Dimitrakos 00:38 24 May 2018

it's definitely the GPU. I have the exact same issue with very similar circumstances. I tried using a different GPU and it won't do this. I don't know what to do now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:02 24 May 2018

Have you tried cleaning it out? can be related to heat issues if fan or heatsink clogged.

  Peter Dimitrakos 19:27 24 May 2018

yes I have. The problem started after I mistakenly overclocked it a bit too high.

  christinebelle 02:51 30 May 2018

PC freeze can caused by many problems:

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  2. Memory issues.

  3. Corrupted files.

  4. Outdated or incompatible drivers.

  5. Recently installed third-party software.

  6. Problematic Power settings.

  7. Overheating.

  8. System error.

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