PC Errors, Graphical Glitches and BSOD's

  Draconium 14:56 30 Jan 2017

For the past two months I've been experiencing a lot of errors and strange graphical glitches, when I first boot up everything is fine at first until I start to try do things that is when the graphical glitches appear and the screen starts going weird and glitchy until eventually it just crashes my laptop and restarts. I have found that I can suppress that by running a game (for example Dune 2000 because it takes next to no resources to just run it in the background) in the background and alt + tab out of it so I can continue doing whatever else I wanted to do. However then there's the other issues of after that, after a while my laptop will get a BSOD or just turn off and restart without warning. It has also been causing majority of my games to just randomly crash after a while of gameplay and I've been having issues with Java ever since where it just crashes with an access violation error. I have been researching and hunting for any information I could find on it and tried all the fixes but nothing has worked thus far and it's really making my life difficult because I need my laptop to be in working order.

I have two different system info files gathered, one from the MSI help desk and one run from the msinfo.

MSI Help Desk System Info: click here

msinfo32: href

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